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Ergebnisanzeige "Taught MA Programmes in German Studies at University College Cork"
TitelTaught MA Programmes in German Studies at University College Cork
BeschreibungTaught MA Programmes in German Studies at University College Cork

The final date for applications for the taught MAs in German Studies at University College Cork is 15th July. Details about the programme are available online at Late applications may be considered.

MA German Studies
The MA in German Studies sets out to provide a solid academic foundation for careers in different professional fields, including education, journalism, film, theatre, media, intercultural research and studies in contemporary Ireland and the public sector.

It equips students with the necessary skills in order to plan, carry out and complete a research project in an area of specialisation related to one of two different MA pathways. After they have been introduced to the fundamental principles, basic methods and procedures of research in different sub-disciplines of German Studies, student can choose one of the following pathways:

Pathway 1 CKE40 (Literature – Art – Media – Theatre – Film) offers postgraduate students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge with regard to the history and aesthetics of modern German (and European) literature in its interrelationship with other art forms, such as film, theatre, visual/performance art and also in relation to modern media developments.

This pathway will predominantly but not only focus on German literary and artistic culture. The main focus will be on the interface between the literary, performative and visual art forms, both from a traditional perspective and with regard to modern media culture. The fundamentally European dimension of German cultural practice will also be an essential concern.

With Pathway 1 the programme responds to the most dynamic developments in modern cultural and artistic life.

Pathway 2 CKE73 (Language, Drama and Intercultural Pedagogy) focuses on the area of German as a Foreign Language and its interrelationship with Cultural/Intercultural Studies and Drama and Theatre Pedagogy. The emphasis will be on forms of reflective practice which can be applied to professional fields related to foreign/second language education.

With its emphasis on aspects of teaching and learning in Pathway 2 the programme offers an “applied route” for postgraduate students who aspire to become interculturally competent mediators and/or reflective practitioners in professional fields which are related to foreign/second language education.

NOTE: Students will be asked to indicate their chosen pathway at application stage.

FEES - The EU tuition fee for this Masters 2009/2010 (1 year full-time) is expected to be €4,855. The academic year is due to commence on 21st September 2009. EU Students Only - There is also a 2 year part-time (by day) option & the course fee is half the full-time fee in the particular year of study


1) Applications for Pathway 1 (CKE40) or Pathway 2 (CKE73) must be made online at
2) COMPLETE AND POST a special Supplementary Candidates Statement form to the Postgraduate Applications Centre, 1 Courthouse Square, Galway
3) Non-UCC applicants must submit evidence of any qualification(s) (academic results and certificates/parchments) that were not completed in University College Cork and evidence of English language proficiency (if applicable) to the Online Postgraduate Applications Centre, 1, Courthouse Square, Galway (marked with your online Postgraduate Application Number)

Further details on the application procedure & the special Supplementary Statement form can be found by clicking this link:- CKE40 application procedure

Course Content

Pathway 1 (Literature – Art – Media – Theatre – Film) - CKE40

This pathway includes:

•An introduction to aesthetic, literary, and media theories from a historical point of view, analysing concepts of production and reception of literary texts and works of art;
•Iinvestigating the German history of literary reflection on and interaction with visual art and performance/theatre art - both as artistic and media practice: e. g. Goethe, the romanticist idea of “Kunstreligion”, Nietzsche’s philosophy of theatre, Wagner’s Gesamtkunstwerk, Rilke and Rodin, etc.;
•Examining in a European context the interface between literature and innovative, experimental art forms and media of the 20th and 21st century which confound the distinctions and confinements of traditional art disciplines; exploring also the impact of modern film and media technologies.
Pathway 2 (Language, Drama and Intercultural Pedagogy) - CKE73:

This pathway includes:-

•An overview of different theoretical concepts in the areas of language, drama and intercultural pedagogy from the 19th to the 21st century;
•An introduction to areas of specialisation within the academic discipline of German as a Foreign Language with special emphasis on the area of teaching and learning methodology;
•The development of specific skills in the area of curriculum design in German as a Foreign Language for different target groups / levels;
•An introduction to areas of specialisation within the field of Intercultural Communication;
•An examination of the consequences and complexities of emerging multicultural societies and the intercultural communication of culturally diverse population structures within the Irish context as well as within Europe;
•A detailed analysis of selected teaching/learning methodologies and evaluation of their effectiveness;
•An exploration of the role of reflective practice in developing a scholarship of teaching and learning in areas of specialisation related to German Studies.
Programme Requirements

Students take a total of 90 credits as follows:
Core modules to the value of 70 credits:

GE 5007 (40 credits) Research Dissertation (40 credits)
GE 5008 (5 credits) Research Methods II (5 credits)
GE 5010 Introduction to German Studies (20 credits)
LL 6000 (5 credits) Research Methods (5 credits)

Elective modules to the value of 20 credits are chosen from either Pathway I (Literature – Art – Media – Theatre – Film) or Pathway II (Language, Drama and Intercultural Pedagogy):

Pathway I
GE 5003 Literature and the Visual Arts (10 credits)
GE 5004 From Text to Living Image (10 credits)
GE 5006 Film and Cultural Memory (10 credits)

Pathway II
GE 5009 Intercultural Communication: Theory and Practice (10 credits)
GE 5011 The Teaching and Learning of Language, Literature and Culture (10 credits)
GE 5012 Drama and Theatre Pedagogy (10 credits)

NOTE : Depending on the area of the candidate’s research dissertation, elective modules to the value of 20 credits may also be combined from either pathway I and II subject to the approval of the MA Board of Studies. Not all optional modules may be available in a given year. Teaching periods in which modules are offered may vary.

1 year full time / 2 years part time (by day) *Non-EU students are not eligible for part-time programmes

Entry Requirements

In order to be admitted to the MA programme in German Studies, a candidate msut have a Second Class Honours Grade II BA Degree/BCL (Law and German)/BComm European (German), or equivalent, along with sufficient German language competence (reading ability of literary texts). Applicants without a degree in German may be required to pass a language test.

For Non-EU Entry Requirements please contact the International Education Office by email at

English Language Requirements
IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL equivalent

Number of Places

Further Information
General Enquiries: Ms. Deborah Fitzgibbon/Ms. Veronica Forde,
Department of German
University College Cork
Tel + 33 21 4902078

Module descriptions are contained in the Book of Modules 2008/2009: Book of Modules
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