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Ergebnisanzeige "Breaking Boundaries. The 1790s in Germany, France and Britain Revolution, Liberation and Excess"
RessourcentypKonferenzen, Tagungen, Kolloquien
TitelBreaking Boundaries. The 1790s in Germany, France and Britain Revolution, Liberation and Excess
BeschreibungBreaking Boundaries. The 1790s in Germany, France and Britain Revolution, Liberation and Excess

London, Wednesday, 22 - Friday, 24 April 2009

Co-Ordinators: Daniel Hall and Maike Oergel (Nottingham)


Wednesday, 22 April 2009
Room ST 274/275, Stewart House

13.30 Registration

14.00 Welcome and Introduction: Maike Oergel and Daniel Hall (Nottingham): Transnational Cultural and Intellectual Networks around 1800

14.30 Keynote Lecture: Elinor Shaffer (London):
The Role of Hostilities in Literary
Reception: Changing Ideologies and Images

15.30 Tea

16.00 PARALLEL SESSIONS: Cultural Transfers: Translation and Reception
Barry Murnane (Halle): Radical Translations: Dubious Anglo-German Cultural Transfer in the 1790s

Gillian Dow (Southampton/Chawton House): The Reception of French Works in the Anti-Jacobin Review

16.00 Cultural Transfers: The Gothic
Angela Wright (Sheffield): Contaminated Waters: Gothic Invasions of the English Channel in the 1790s

Daniel Hall (Nottingham): Breaking the Boundaries of Taste? English Gothic Novels on the Continental Stage

Thursday, 23 April 2009
Room ST 274/275, Stewart House

9.30 Keynote Lecture: Susanne Kord (London): Lotte in London: English Werther-Stories of the 1790s and Mary Wollstonecraft’s Campaign against Sentimentality

10.30 Coffee

11.00 PARALLEL SESSIONS: Women Writers and Revolutionary Practices
Julia Augart (Nairobi): The Influence of the French Revolution on Sophie Mereau’s Work and Ideas

Zefiryna Zegnalek (Lodz): Mary Wollstonecraft’s Vision of Society as Opposition to Jean Jacques Rousseau’s Views on Social Relations?

Beatriz González Moreno (Castile): The Aesthetics of Excess: Breaking Boundaries in Charlotte Dacre’s Zofloya

11.00 Periodicals and the Revolution
Renata Schellenberg (Sackville, NB): Print and Preserve: Periodicals in late 18th-century Germany

Birgit Tautz (Brunswick, ME): Revolution, Abolition, Aesthetic Compensation: German Responses to News from France in the 1790s

Christian Deuling (Jena): Aesthetics and Politics in the Journal London and Paris (1798-1815)

13.00 Lunch (own arrangements)

14.30 PARALLEL SESSIONS: Philosophy, Aesthetics, Modernity
Christine Blättler (Stanford/Berlin): Superman’s Effort Required: on Immanuel Kant’s Moral Philosophy

Peter Krilles (Paris): Knowledge and Imagination at the End of the 18th Century: New Epistemological Paradigms in Early German Romanticism

Michael House (Princeton): Satirizing the 1790s: Modes of Parasitical Critique in Jean Paul and Klingemann

14.30 Social Perils/Social Progress

David McCallam (Sheffield): Xavier de Maistre and Angelology

Melissa Deininger (Pittsburgh): Sade and Revolutionary Boundaries

Jennifer Horan (New York/Paris): Love and the Coming Community: Poetic Drama in Hölderlin and Shelley

16.30 Tea

17.00 Keynote Lecture; Judith Still (Nottingham): A Fictional Response to the Categorical Imperative: Women Refugees, Servants and Slaves

19.00 Conference Dinner (further details)

Friday, 24 April 2009
Room ST 274/275, Stewart House

9.00 The Impact of the French Revolution on the 'Res Publica'
Daniel Wilson (London): The French Revolution in Weimar

Maike Oergel (Nottingham): Changing Authorities on the HMS Bounty: Public Images of

William Bligh and Fletcher Christian in the 1790s in Britain and Germany

10.30 Coffee

11.00 PARALLEL SESSIONS: Cultural Referents: Art and Antiquity

Leena Eilittä (Helsinki/Mainz): The Description of Images in the Literatures of the Romantic Era in England and Germany

Sibylle Erle (Lincoln): William Blake’s Response to Late 18th-Century Physiognomic Theory: Re-Viewing the Relationship between Text and Image

Ian Macgregor Morris (Nottingham) and Uta Degner (Berlin): Événements de Circonstance: The Ancient World in the Age of Revolution

11.00 Reflections of and on The French Revolution
Jakob Ladegaard (Aarhus): Friedrich Hölderlin’s Hyperion and the French Revolution

Mary-Ann Constantine (Aberystwyth): Wales and the French Revolution

Laura Belloni (Milan): The French Revolution from a 20th-Century Perspective: The Sacrifice of a Foretopman of the British Fleet in 1797 in the Words and Music of Benjamin Britten’s Billy Budd

13.00 Lunch (own arrangements)

14.00 Literature, Philosophy and Politics

Dirk Göttsche (Nottingham): Challenging Time(s): Memory, Politics and the Philosophy of Time in Jean Paul’s Quintus Fixlein

Imke Heuer (Chawton House/York): ‘That war with softer cares may be united’: Harriet Lee, Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, the Thirty Years’ War and the Politics of

Adaptation Galin Tihanov (Manchester): Work, Value and Property: Post-Romantic Positions in the Weimar Republic

16.00 Tea

16.30 Keynote Lecture: Andrew Bowie (London): The Idea of Revolution in Philosophy: Kant and German Idealism

17.30 End of Conference

Further Information and Registration Details

To obtain further information and register for the conference, contact Jane Lewin (tel: 020 7862 8966). Please note the closing date for receipt of registrations is Friday, 27 March 2009.

Conference Fees
3 Days
£55.00 (£50.00 Reduced Rate; £35.00 Student Rate)

1 Day
£35.00 (£30.00 Reduced Rate; £25.00 Student Rate)

Reduced Rate: Fully paid-up Friends of Germanic Studies or paying members of the IGRS only
Student Rate: Students with proof of status only

This event is supported by the British Comparative Literature Association and the University of Nottingham

Jane Lewin
Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies
University of London School of Advanced Study
Room ST 272, Senate House
Malet Street, GB- London WC1E 7HU
Telephone +442078628966


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