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Ergebnisanzeige "Conference of University Teachers of German in Great Britain 2009"
RessourcentypKonferenzen, Tagungen, Kolloquien
TitelConference of University Teachers of German in Great Britain 2009
BeschreibungConference of University Teachers of German in Great Britain and Ireland
The seventy-second Meeting will take place 6-8 April 2009 and will be held at:-
The University of Ulster

This year, to mark the upcoming sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the German Democratic Republic and the twentieth anniversary of the Wende, the lead panel will focus on the GDR and will comprise three sessions, plus a reading by Volker Braun and a plenary session with live music from David Robb. Other panels will be Critical Theory, Linguistics, History and Remembrance, Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 18th Century, 19th Century and 20th Century Studies, Language Learning and Technology, and Gender and German Studies.

To register for the conference, please visit the Conference Website at

Seventy-Second Meeting
held at
The University of Ulster, York Street, Belfast Campus, 6-8 April 2009


Monday 6 April
12.00 onwards
Arriving members will be met by representatives of the host department in the foyer of the main building.
14.00-14.30 Opening business (Conor Lecture Theatre)

(parallel sessions)

Lead Panel 1 (Pól Ó Dochartaigh) (82A02)

Andrew Evans (Sheffield), ‘The Last Gasp of Socialism: Economics and Culture in 1960s East Germany’

Laura Bradley (Edinburgh), ‘GDR Theatre Censorship: the role of the audience’

Matthias Uecker (Nottingham), ‘Between Conformism and Subversion: The GDR as Performance Society?’

19th Century Studies (Peter Davies) (82A01)

Susanne Kord (UCL), ‘Why is Friederike Kempner Funny? On Laughter Communities, Literary Hierarchies, and the Rules of Fiction’

Elystan Griffiths (Birmingham), “‘Ach, nur einen Tropfen Vergessenheit, und mit Wollust würde ich katholisch werden”: Religious Performances in the Work of Heinrich von Kleist’

Anja Peters (RHUL), ‘“Eine reine Geldangelegenheit”? 19th-century writers’ correspondences with the Morgenblatt für gebildete Stände

16.00-16.30 Tea/coffee (Foyer)

(parallel sessions)

History and Remembrance 1 (Anna Saunders) (82A02)

Rachel MagShamhráin (University College Cork), ‘Guido Knopp’s Die Deutschen (2008): The Creation of New National Identity through Historical Event Television’

Anna Saunders; Debbie Pinfold; Silke Arnold de Simine; Owen Evans (AHRC Network): ‘After the Wall: Reconstructing and Representing the GDR’

20th century and contemporary studies 1 (Debbie Pinfold) (82A01)

Julian Preece (Swansea), ‘Expectation and Disappointment in Writing: Herzzeit: Ingeborg Bachmann–Paul Celan. Der Briefwechsel (2008)’

Beate Müller (Newcastle), ‘Agency Lost and Found: Child Figures as Catalysts in Holocaust Fiction’

Sarah Colvin (Edinburgh), ‘Distance and Empathy? What Writing by Prisoners Might Tell Us about Writing, Prisoners, and the Capacity for Change’

18.00-19.00 Reading by Volker Braun (Conor Lecture Theatre)

19.30 Dinner (Park Inn)

Tuesday 7 April

8.00 Breakfast (Park Inn)

Plenary (Conor Lecture Theatre)

Susanne Kalina-McMahon (Ulster), ‘“... zerfurcht, durchpflügt, zerrissen!” – Joseph Roth und Deutsch-Österreich’

Manya Elrick (Ulster), ‘...und Deutschland und Österreich und Israel und...’

10.00-10.30 Reports (Conor Lecture Theatre)

Report by DAAD
Reports from other organisations

10.30-11.00 Coffee/tea (Foyer)

(parallel sessions)

Linguistics (Nils Langer) 82A02

Martin Durrell, Richard J. Whitt, Paul Bennett, Silke Scheible, ‘The GerManC Project: A Representative Corpus of Early Modern German (1650-1800)’

Clive Earls (Limerick), ‘Setting the Catherine Wheel in Motion: “Englishisation” of the German Higher Education System and a Further Decline in the Status of German Internationally?’

Melani Schröter (Reading), ‘Silence in the Heart of Political Scandal: “Waterkantgate” and “Schubladenaffäre”’

Critical theory (Angus Nicholls) (82A01)
Panel on the work of Hans Blumenberg

12.30-13.45 Lunch (Foyer)

(parallel sessions)

Language Learning and Technology (Michael Maerlein) (82A02)

Eimear Kelly (Athlone), ‘Vorsprung durch Technik? Using an Iteractive Witeboard to Enhance the Teaching and Learning of German Grammar’

Helen O’Sullivan, Gillian Martin, Breffni O’Rourke (TCD), ‘Telecollaborative Learning in Critical Cultural Awareness: The Example of SpEakWise’

Berit Carmesin, Doris Devilly, Michelle Tooher (NUI Galway), ‘ Using Web 2.0 Technologies in Language Learning and Teaching’

Elizabeth Andersen, Eva Knopp , Sonja Altmüller, ‘Ensuring the future of German in the UK’

Medieval and Early Modern Studies (Sabine Rolle) (82A01)

Kenneth Fockele (Cambridge), ‘Minnesang and Taboo’

Sarah Bowden (Cambridge), ‘Rother-Dietrich: Names and Disguise in König Rother’

Timothy Jackson (TCD), ‘The Resurrection of the Body in German Medieval Literature’

15.15-15.45 Tea / Coffee (Foyer)

(parallel sessions)

Lead panel 2 (Ian Connor) (82A02)

Katja Warchold (Galway), ‘“Ich wollte eine Distel im sozialistischen Rosengarten sein”: autobiographische Texte von zwei DDR-Jugendgenerationen’

Gerrit-Jan Berendse (Cardiff), ‘Freundschaftsbund Sächsische Dichterschule? Eine literatursoziologische Fallstudie’

Karen Leeder (Oxford), ‘“Nachleben”: The Death and Afterlife of the GDR’

20th century and contemporary studies 2 (Debbie Pinfold) (82A01)

Rebecca Braun (Liverpool), ‘Authorship and Literary Celebrity in the Context of the Nobel Prize’

Allyson Fiddler (Lancaster), ‘A Novel Form of Resistance: Recent Austrian Protest Writing’

Helen O’Sullivan (Dublin), ‘The Pursuit of ‘Mündigkeit’ and the Production of Language Learner Narrative in Contemporary German Literature’

17.15-18.15 Business meeting (Conor Lecture Theatre)


1. To confirm minutes of the Nottingham meeting (included in the summer 2008 Newsletter. Further copies will be made available at the beginning of the Belfast meeting)
2. Matters arising
3. President’s business
4. Treasurer’s report
5. Reports from other organizations
6. Possible change of name for CUTG
7. Membership issues (including new Life Membership, membership fees and payments to CUTG)
8. Date / lead panels of next two conferences
9. A. O. B.

18.30 Reception (Bridge)
19.00 Conference Dinner (Nick’s Warehouse)

20.30 Plenary (Nick’s Warehouse)

David Robb (QUB), ‘1848 Ballads in the GDR’ (with live music)

Wednesday 8 April

8.00 Breakfast (Park Inn)

(parallel sessions)
Gender and German Studies (Renate Rechtien) (82A02)

Annie Ring (Cambridge), ‘The Stasi as Father: Daughterly Rage, Daughterly Love?’

Kim Richmond (Edinburgh), ‘The GDR Prison Narrative: Authenticity, Character Development and Incorrigibility in Elisabeth Graul's Die Farce’

Áine McMurtry (Oxford), ‘Writing the Body: Ingeborg Bachmann's poetic drafts of the 1960s’

History and remembrance 2 (Anna Saunders) (82A01)

Andrew Liston (Justus Liebig Universität, Gießen): ‘Swiss-Style Vergangenheitsbewältigung’

Ines Brunhart (University of Limerick): ‘The Return of the Counter-Memories: Erich Hackl’s Memorial Literature’

Helen Finch (University of Liverpool): ‘Hugo Hamilton’s Disguise and W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz: Constructed Memories, Imagined Identities’

10.30-11.00 Coffee / Tea (Foyer)
(parallel sessions)

Lead panel 3 (Gerrit-Jan Berendse) (82A02)

Holger Briel (Nicosia), ‘Divided We Write: Recent Texts on Divided Countries’

Pól Ó Dochartaigh (Ulster), ‘Language of Denial: The Terminology of Partition in Ireland and Germany’

Peter Thompson (Sheffield), ‘Wir sind das Volk! The GDR and the Universalism of the Definite Article’

18th century studies (Dan Wilson) (82A01)

Hilary Brown (Swansea), ‘The Gottscheds and English Literature’

Kevin Hilliard (Oxford), ‘The Problem of Satire: Wieland, Wezel and Schiller’

Stefan Hajduk (Limerick), ‘Exzentrik und Doppelmord: Zur Poetik der
Stimmung in Ludwig Tiecks Der Abschied’

12.30-13.00 Closing Business (Conor Lecture Theatre)

13.00 Lunch (Foyer) and Departure

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