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Ergebnisanzeige "Blending Media: Defining Film in the Modernist Period"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelBlending Media: Defining Film in the Modernist Period
BeschreibungBlending Media: Defining Film in the Modernist Period

An International Symposium of the Framing Media Research Group
(Austrian Science Fund, Project 20349)
Department of American Studies at the University of Innsbruck, Austria
June 9-10, 2009

How do modern media define themselves? This is one of the central questions that our symposium tries to trace by focusing on what has become the largest, best-documented study of the recent past: the emergence and establishing of film in the modernist period of the early 20th century. Inspired, in part, by new computer-based multimedia formats and digital imaging, recent research in film and media studies has explored film history as a paradigmatic model for the synthetic construction of media and phenomena of media blending. Examples are processes of media convergence and differentiation (Thomas Elsaesser), the intermedial formation of new media (André Gaudreault), and the anachronistic projection of cinematic metaphors onto digital moving images (David N. Rodowick). In the history of film practice and theory, the novel medium constantly redefines itself through recourses to already established media and artforms (including photography, theater, painting, sculpture, and literature). Our symposium will focus on media blends in film and its intermedial network.
Possible areas of investigation include:
- Plurimedial configurations of film such as relations of image, sound, and text in silent and sound films
- Multimedia formats in early film history, experimental and popular forms of film projections on the theatrical stage and through other media venues
- Framings of film by film and other media, such as film trailers, film posters, newsreels, animated shorts, and literary approaches to film
- Intermedial exchanges and cross-mappings of the arts in film (e.g. self-reflexive uses of the visual arts, drama, literature, photography, and animation; avant-garde conceptions of film as "motion painting," "visual symphonies," and "visual poems")
- Evocations of genres, arts, and media in film theory
- Media blends in 'pure' and 'synthetic' theories of cinema
- Metaphors for film in popular and scientific discourses (e.g. living pictures, photoplay, picture writing, cineplastics, animated paintings, and architecture-in-
- Similar blending phenomena in other periods or media that are pertinent to the history of film
- Dialogic approaches to media blends in early cinema and moving images in the digital age
- Conceptual blending theory and media studies

The conference is hosted in cooperation with the 18th International Film Festival Innsbruck (IFFI,, which will take place from June 9 to 14.
The results of the conference will be published in a volume funded by the Austrian Science Fund. Please send abstracts in English (300-500 words) and short scholarly biography by February 28, 2009, to Christian Quendler at

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PersonName: Christian Quendler 
KontaktdatenName/Institution: Institut für Amerikastudien, Universität Innsbruck 
Strasse/Postfach: Innrain 52 
Postleitzahl: 6020 
Stadt: Innsbruck 
Telefon: +43 512 507 4174 
Fax: +43 512 507 2879 
SchlüsselbegriffeLiteratur 1880 - 1945; Medien- u. Kommunikationsgeschichte (Hand-, Druckschrift, Film, Rundfunk, Computerspiel usw.); Medien- u. Kommunikationstheorie; Theater (Aufführungspraxis)
Klassifikation17.00.00 20. Jahrhundert (1914-1945) > 17.03.00 Geistes- und Kulturgeschichte
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