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Ergebnisanzeige "Beyond Assimilation and Integration: the theory and practice of identity, difference and exchange"
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TitelBeyond Assimilation and Integration: the theory and practice of identity, difference and exchange
BeschreibungThe Program in Cultures, Civilizations and Ideas at Bilkent University is pleased to announce a call for papers for its 6th Annual Interdisciplinary Symposium, to occur on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st March 2009 in Ankara, Turkey.

*Beyond Assimilation and Integration: the theory and practice of identity, difference and exchange*

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How do ideas about culture, diplomacy, literature and art migrate across historical periods and national boundaries? How are cultural, political and artistic practices assimilated from a transient or permanent migrant community into the society in which it finds itself? How do we begin to answer questions of origin when considering such ideals and practices? What are the politics of such exchange: appropriation, resistance, assimilation, rejection, revival, performance? Do questions of identity in this context precede questions of difference?

Taking the last millennium of dialogue between Turkey and Europe, broadly conceived, as a case study, this interdisciplinary symposium aims to investigate the theoretical basis and practical expression of cultural, diplomatic and aesthetic exchange across shifting national boundaries,. From the exchanges between Seljuk Turks and Eastern Europe in the medieval period, to early modern cultural and diplomatic dialogues between the Ottoman world and Western Europe, to Ottoman architecture in Europe and contemporary Turkish/European literature and film arising from modern migration patterns, symbiotic development of ideas and practices has left indelible marks on these civilizations through time. It is this rich vein of history and its implications for a theory of cultural exchange that this symposium will consider.

The symposium will be divided into panels concerned with literature, film, architecture and history. Abstracts for papers lasting around 20 minutes are invited for each of these panels on any subject concerned with the period from the early 11^th century to the present, or on themes relating to the theoretical basis of cultural exchange. Bilkent University will be happy to provide accommodation for accepted speakers.

Email abstracts of around 500 words by January 15th 2009 to . For any questions relating to the conference, contact Liz Disley at this address or on +90 312 2903393.
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PersonName: Disley, Liz 
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KontaktdatenName/Institution: Bilkent University  
Telefon: +90 312 2903393 
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