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TitelAssistent Professor in German Studies, Amsterdam (18.5.2016)
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University of Amsterdam, Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Culture

Assistent Professor in German Studies

Institution Type: College / University
Location: Netherlands
Position: Assistant Professor

The Faculty of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam provides education and conducts research with a strongly international profile in a large number of disciplines in the field of language and culture. The Faculty of Humanities offers assistant professors the opportunity to colloborate with leading researchers at research institutes that are world renowned. Moreover, you will be teaching in a dynamic context in which new educational methods are being developed.
Due to the merging of German Language and Culture and German Studies, a new study programme is being established at the University of Amsterdam, with a strong focus on questions of intermediality, interculturality, political culture, and recent public debates. Based on a combination of German Studies and Cultural Studies, the programme combines literature and linguistics with interdisciplinary approaches, with an emphasis on Regional Studies, History, Political Science, and Media Studies. The programme also increases the emphasis on the practical aspects of the study, preparing students for professional careers.
The succesful candidate will have a broad background and teaching experience in German Studies and Cultural Studies. An active research programme is essential, and the succesful candidate will possess demonstrated potential to publish research of international standing.


Dr. Anna Seidl:

Primary Category: German History / Studies
Secondary Categories: Cultural History / Studies
Posting Date: 05/04/2016
Closing Date 05/18/2016

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