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Ergebnisanzeige "VIIIth EAJS congress: Past and present perspectives in Jewish Studies"
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TitelVIIIth EAJS congress: Past and present perspectives in Jewish Studies

Past and present perspectives in Jewish Studies

JULY, 23-27, 2006, Moscow

The Executive Committee of the European Association for Jewish Studies is glad to announce that the next congress of the EAJS will take place in Moscow on July, 23-27, 2006. It will be the first EAJS Congress held in Eastern Europe. We hope to bring together scholars from both Eastern and Western Europe.

The theme of the Congress is ‘Past and present perspectives in Jewish Studies’.
This theme focuses on the philosophy and the prospects of Jewish Studies. There has been no lack of ideas and research during last decades, yet there is a feeling that a lot can be changed and renewed now.

• Are we moving into the age of Post-Postmodernism?
• Are we returning to old patterns?
• Do we need meta-history once again?

Members of the European Association for Jewish Studies and all other scholars in the various fields of Jewish Studies are invited to participate in the VIIIth EAJS Congress. Papers in all areas of Jewish Studies will be considered, even if not directly related to the Congress theme. Scholars are welcome to attend the Congress whether or not they intend to present a paper.

The congress is organized by the European Association for Jewish Studies, the sole umbrella organization representing this field of university studies in the continent. The main aim of the Association is the encouragement and support of the teaching of Jewish studies at university level in Europe and to further an understanding of the importance of Jewish culture and civilization and of the impact it has had on European cultures over many centuries.
Local organizer:
International Center for Russian & East European Jewish Studies
Moscow Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization SEFER
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
Congress of Jewish Religious Organizations and Associations
Russian Friends of the Hebrew University
Center for Oriental Literature of the Russian State Library
Geshrey Tarbut Association - Partner in Book Exhibition

EAJS Executive Committee
President – Prof. Rashid Kaplanov (Moscow)
Secretary – Dr. Sacha Stern (London)
Treasurer – Prof. Arkady Kovelman (Moscow)
Prof. Gad Freudenthal (Paris)
Prof. Mauro Perani (Ravenna)
Prof. Miguel Perez Fernandez (Granada)
Prof. Margarete Schlueter
Prof. Albert van der Heide (past president, Leiden/Amsterdam)
Prof. Martin Goodman (Oxford)
VIIIth EAJS Congress Committee
Prof. Rashid Kaplanov – President
Prof. Arkady Kovelman
Prof. Oleg Budnitskii
Maria Liberman – Congress Secretary

• Bible
• Talmud, Midrash & Rabbinics
• Modern Jewish Literature
• Modern Hebrew Literature
• Medieval Jewish Philosophy
• Medieval & Early Modern Jewish History & Culture
• Judeo-Greek Studies
• Karaite Studies
• Sephardi-Mizrahi History and Culture
• Modern Jewish History in Eastern Europe
• Modern Jewish History in Western & Central Europe
• Modern Jewish History in Non-European Countries
• Israel Studies
• Jewish Mysticism
• Hasidism
• Modern Jewish Thought & Theology
• Jewish History in Late Antiquity
• Holocaust Studies
• Jews & the Arts
• Yiddish Studies
• Gender Studies
• Linguistics
• Social Sciences
• Hebrew Manuscripts
• Libraries & Archives

Sunday, July 23, 2006
Opening Ceremony 17:30
Moscow Synagogue

Monday, July 24, 2006
Session 1
9:00 – 10:30
Galaxy 2

Section “Talmud, Midrash & Rabbinics.” Mishnah and Early Halakhah
Chair: Sacha Stern

The Penal Code from Qumran and the Beginning of Legal Midrash
Aharon Shemesh
One Case of Compulsory Divorce in Mishna
Boris Ostrer
Boundaries and Borders in Early Rabbinic Judaism. The Case of the Gentile in Mishnah
Simcha Fishbane

Mercury Hall
Section “Jewish History in Late Antiquity.” Judaism Up to 200 CE I Qumran Scrolls
Chair: Martin Goodman

Fear of Death in the Legislative Texts from Qumran
Svetlana Babkina
Defilement of Sin in the Community Rule
Ludmila Ginsbursky
A New Perspective on the Qumran Damascus Document in the Light of Sectarian Exegesis
Liora Goldman

Venus Hall
Section “Medieval & Early Modern Jewish History & Culture.” The History of Medieval Jewish Communities I
Chair: Albert Van der Heide

Rabbenu Jacob Tam's Service on Behalf of the King of France in Reims (Civitas Remorum) and the Question of Remois Jewish Scholarship in the 12th Century.
Norman Golb
Rabbanites and Karaites under the Fatimid Caliphs: Toward a New Model of Religious Sectarianism
Marina Rustow
Jewish Inter-Communication in the Mediterranean Basin during the 11th Century as Documented in the Letters of Eli Ben Amram
Elinoar Bareket

Pluto Hall
Section “Sephardi-Mizrahi History and Culture.” Personalities and Collective Memory
Chair: Valeriy Dymshits

Family and Immigration: a New Strategic of Jewish Sephardic Survival: the Case of Salonika (1910-1943)
Gila Hadar
Sephardi Press Between Ladino and French: A Case Study from the Turn of the 20th Century Salonica.
Olga Borovaya

Galaxy 1
Section “Modern Jewish Literature.” Modern Jewish Literature in Non-Jewish Languages I
Chair: Glenda Abramson

The Family Novel as a Form of Holocaust Testimony
Rita Horváth
Jewish State as a Way to Realize “Jewish Dream” (According to Philip Roth’s Novels)
Olga Karasik

Galaxy 5
Section “Modern Hebrew Literature.” National Narratives and Conflicts.
Chair: Tsila Ratner

Zion and Diaspora in the Fiction of A.B. Yehoshua
Gilead Morahg
So, What Did You Do in the Army? – On the Absence of Military Experiences in Israeli Women’s Writing
Tsila Ratner

Galaxy 3
Section “Israeli Studies.” Israeli-Arab Relations in the International Context I
Chair: John Bunzl

Revisiting the Twice Promised Land: Britain, Zionism and Arab Nationalism
James Renton
Trauma and Terror - The Influence of the Expulsion of Palestinians 1948 and the Deportation of Chechens 1944 on Their Respective National Movements
Tessa Szyszkowitz

Section “Linguistics.” Modern Hebrew: From the Origin to Recent Studies
Chair: Ewa Geller

Classic Idiomatic Language – A Hard Nut to Crack/Classic Idiomatic Language – A Hard Nut to Crack/From an Ancient to a Living Language: Development of Dictionaries for Hebrew Learners, Past and Present
Edna Lauden
Recent Research Studies of Contemporary Hebrew: A Description of Its Current State
Ora Schwarzwald

Coffee-break 10:30 – 11:00

Monday, July 24, 2006
Session 2

11:00 – 13:00
Section “Talmud, Midrash & Rabbinics.” Targum Studies and the Structure of the Talmud
Chair: Arkady Kovelman

Past and Present Perspectives in Targum Studies: The Problem of Defining Targum
Alberdina Houtman
Past and Present Perspectives in Targum Studies: The Problem of Defining Targum
Harry Sysling
The Prospects and Potentials of a Narratological Approach to the Pentateuch Targums
Simon Adnams
The Tractate of Conversion - From Form to Substance
Moshe Lavee

Mercury Hall
Section “Jewish History in Late Antiquity.” Judaism up to 200 CE II
Chair: Svetlana Babkina

Psychoanalysis and Kol Nidre
Tamara Prosic
Names of the Jewish Nation in Late Antiquity: ‘Jew’, ‘Israel’ and ‘Hebrew’ in the First Two Centuries CE
Martin Goodman
Judaism in the Second Century: Some Thoughts
James Carleton Paget
Some Essential Aspects of Apocalyptic-eschatological Thinking Among the Jewish Writers of the Second Temple Period
Valts Apinis

Venus Hall
Section “Medieval & Early Modern Jewish History & Culture.” Medieval Jewish Science. How the Jews Saw Khazaria
Chair: Wout van Bekkum

Studies on Hebrew Medical Translations
Lola Ferre
The Epistle of the Number by Isaac Ben Salomon Ben Al-Ahdab
Ilana Wartenberg
Khazaria in Jewish Sources: the Problem of Eschatological Context?
Boris Rashkovsky

Galaxy 3
Section “Karaite Studies.” Karaite History and Archelogy
Chair: Alexander Gertsen

The European Karaite Intellectual: a Preliminary Profile
Daniel J. Lasker
Karaite Ms in the Collection of Kazan State University
Ilya Zaytsev
Some Results and Problems of Archaeological Researches of Karaites' Monuments in Crimea
Alexander Gertsen
To Be the True Jew – Identity Formation by a Karaite Group in Israel
Inbal Ester Cicurel

Pluto Hall
Section “Sephardi-Mizrahi History and Culture.” History
Chair: Valeriy Dymshits

Excessive “Zeal and Noise: Two Case Studies Concerning the Patriotism of Ottoman Sephardim in 1897
Julia Phillips Cohen
The Power of the Word: Sephardic Magic Spells from Sarajevo
Tamar Alexander
Slavic Influences on Bosnian Judeo-Spanish as Attested in the Literary Texts from the First Half of the 20th Century
Eliezer Papo
The Interaction between Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews in NYC at the Dawn of the 20th Century the Perspective of the Sephardic Jews.
Daniel Florentin

Galaxy 1
Section “Modern Jewish Literature.” Modern Jewish Literature in Non-Jewish Languages II
Chair: Alexander Kobrinskiy

Babel, Bialik, and Others: The Hebrew Context of a Soviet Jewish Writer
Efraim Sicher
Matvei Roizman as a Russian-Jewish Writer
Alexander Kobrinskiy
Three Fates of Motle in Modern Jewish Literature
Rita Kleiman
Purimshpeils by Activists of the Jewish Movement in the Historical-Cultural Context of the 1970s and 1980s
Rita Genzeleva

Galaxy 5
Section “Modern Hebrew Literature.” Modern Hebrew Poetry
Chair: Tsila Ratner

Disrobing the Body and Soul: U Z Greenberg’s Idea of ‘Nakedness’
Glenda Abramson
Bialik Confronts Eretz Israel
Monty Noam Penkower
Hebrew is a Sex-maniac (and It’s a Good Thing Too!): Deconstructing Linguistic Determinism in Yona Wallach’s Poem “Hebrew”
Zafrira Lidovsky Cohen

Galaxy 2
Section “Modern Jewish Thought and Theology.” Political Thought and the Existence of Jewishness
Chair: Boris Gubman

Leo Strauss and The Defense of Western Civilization
Leonard R. Sorenson
Jewish "Rituals": On a Concept of Political Philosophy in the Renaissance and Early Modern Period
Giuseppe Veltri
Exile and Interpretation: Popper’s Invention of the History of European Political Thoughts.
David Weinstein
Individual and Community in the Zionist Enterprise: Eliezer Schweid’s Perspective
Joab Eichenberg-Eilon

Section “Linguistics.” Between Yiddish and Translation Studies
Chair: Alexander Militarev

The Slavonic Linguistic Frame of Yiddish
Ewa Geller
Standard Orthographies of Hebrew Words in Modern Hebrew and Modern Yiddish: a Contrastive Study of Their Different Principles
Tsuguya Sasaki
Translation Studies and Yehuda Amichai’s Early Poetry
Sara Ferrari
Hebrew Translation of Sh. Rustaveli’s “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin” as a Subject Linguistic of Investigation
Manana Gotsiridze

Lunch (on your own) 13:00 – 14:00

Monday, July 24, 2006
Session 3
14:00 – 15:30

Venus Hall
Section “Medieval & Early Modern Jewish History & Culture.” Jewish Christian Contact and Conflicts from Dialog to Martyrdom
Chair: Albert Van der Heide

Ashkenazi vs. Sephardi Attitude towards Kiddush ha-Shem: Jewish Historiography and Suicide Theory
Galina Zelenina
The Problem of “hillul ha’shem” and “kiddush ha’shem” in the Jewish Chronicles during the B. Chmielnicki’s Uprising and the Jewish-Orthodox Relations.
Andrey Shpirt

Pluto Hall
Section “Sephardi-Mizrahi History and Culture.” Identity
Chair: Valeriy Dymshits

Analyzing Salonikan Jewry Beyond the Prism of Sephardi Iberian Identity
Yitzchak Kerem
A New Perspective on the Communal Identity of Damascus and Aleppo Jewry
Harel Yaron
Self-Dejudaisation: Designing of Non-Jewish Identity as Struggle for Delf-Preservation
Valery Dymshits

Galaxy 2
Section “Modern Jewish Thought and Theology.” Spinoza in Jewish Context
Chair: Donatella Di Cesare

Spinoza a ‘Jewish’ Philosopher?
Paul Auerbach
Refining Spinozism and Discovering Jewish Enlightenment Tradition: Moses Mendelssohn and the Maskil Readings of Spinoza
Jan-Hendrik Wulf
Reception of Modern Jewish Thought in Russian-Jewish Intellectual Traditions – the Study of Reception of Spinozism as a Test Case
Igor Kaufman

Section “Modern Jewish History in Eastern Europe.” Jews of Belarus' and Lithuania
Chair: Oleg Budnitskii

Transformation of Shtetl of Belarus in 1920-1939 (Socio-Economic and Ethnic Aspects)
Andrei Zamoiski
The Regional Factor in the History of Jews in Multiethnic Russia: the Case of Byelorussian Jewry
Claire Le Foll
Jewish Organizations of Lithuania. According to the Data of the Census of Organizations, 1931
Saulius Kaubrys

Galaxy 3
Section “Israeli Studies.” Israeli-Arab Relations in the International Context II
Chair: Ekaterina Usova, Evgenue Satanovsky

Is Israel Moving Towards Full Membership? Convergence and Divergence in the Relations between the EU and Israel
Elisabeth Kuebler
Current Jewish Versus Muslim Narratives of Jerusalem
Yitzhak Reiter

Section “Linguistics.” Biblical Hebrew
Chair: Ewa Geller

Hebrew within Semitic: Position in the Genealogical Tree and Chronology of Separation
Alexander Militarev
The Tense of QATAL in the Prophetic "Laments"
Alexei Lyavdansky
The Adverbial and Aspectual Verbs in Biblical Hebrew
Polina Skorodumova

Meeting of the Outgoing EAJS Executive Committee
14:00 – 16:00
Galaxy 1

Coffee-break 15:30 – 16:00

Monday, July 24, 2006
Session 4
16:00 – 17:00

Galaxy 1
Section “Bible.” Understanding the Bible
Chair: Alexander Nemirovskiy

Did the Masoretes Get It Wrong? The Pointing of Ezekiel 28:12-19
Hector Patmore
Seafaring and Shipbuilding in the Bible
Leonid Dreyer

Pluto Hall
Section “Medieval Jewish Philosophy.” Judeo-Arabic Philosophy
Chair: Dmitriy Frolov

Convention and Innovation in the Introductions of the Medieval Arabic-to-Hebrew Translators of the Philosophic Texts
Steven Harvey
Conceptions of Good Writing in the Islamic World: the Case of Judeo-Arabic Bible
Miriam Goldstein

Venus Hall
Section “Medieval & Early Modern Jewish History & Culture.” The History of Medieval Jewish Communities II
Chair: Wout van Bekkum

The Restrictions of the Jewish Living - Space in the Towns of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Jurgita Verbickiene
Irish Jews in Georgian Dublin - an Unknown History
Maria Diemling

Galaxy 5
Section “Modern Hebrew Literature.” Historical Changes and Transformations
Chair: Tsila Ratner
On the Cusp of the Christianity: the Gospel According to Jephtah by Amos Oz
Yael Feldman
Jewish Traditions of Translations – From the Golden Age to the Age of Haskalah: a Comparative Description
Aminadav Dykman

Galaxy 2
Section “Modern Jewish Thought and Theology.” The Issues of Theology and Thought
Chair: Boris Gubman

The Road to Nowhere: The Unknown History of the Theology of the Neologue Movement in Hungary
Gabor Balazs
Towards a Jewish Hermeneutic of the Devine Love
Yehudit Kornberg Greenberg

Section “Modern Jewish History in Eastern Europe.” Jewish Political Activity East and West
Chair: Anke Hilbrenner

Reflections on the Sources of Political Culture of Eastern European Jewry
François Guesnet
Jewish Self-Rules in the Context of Ukrainian Statehood (1917–1920)
Victor Gusev

Monday, July 24, 2006
Plenary session
17:15 – 18:15

Hegelianism, Orientalism, and the Prospects of Jewish Studies
Chair: Martin Goodman

Islam as Judaism Gone Mad: Reflections on Hegel
Ivan Davidson Kalmar
Hegelianism and Multiculturalism in Classical Jewish Studies.
Arkady Kovelman

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Session 1
9:00 – 10:30

Galaxy 2
Section “Talmud, Midrash & Rabbinics.” Midrash
Chair: Arkady Kovelman

Koheleth Rabbah: The Study of its Redactional Process
Reuven Kiperwasser
Fragments of Midrash Qohelet From the Cairo Genizah
Luis F. Giron Blanc
From Midrash to Masorah: Comments on Textual Details in the Midrash Leviticus Rabbah
Elvira Martín Contreras

Galaxy 5
Section “Hebrew Manuscripts.” Interpretation and Identification
Chair: Judith Olszowy-Schlanger

Era of the Creation in Medieval Hebrew Manuscripts: Some Problems of Precise Interpretation
Alexander Gordin
An Anonymous Commentary of the Thirteenth Century
Judith Kogel
Spanish Hebrew Manuscripts: a New Catalogue
Teresa Ortega-Monasterio/Francisco Javier del Barco del Barco

Section “Hasidism.” Hasidism in the Eighteenth Century
Chair: Ada Rapoport-Albert

Historiosophy of the Early Chassidism
Igor Turov
The Black Candle: Zimzum ("Contraction") in Magid of Koznitz the Teaching of Opposites in the Writings of R. Aharon of Staroselie (Vision and Speculation in Kabbalistic Hasidism)
Natasha-Esther Zabolotnaya

Venus Hall
Section “Medieval & Early Modern Jewish History & Culture.” Disputations and Literary Interaction
Chair: Albert Van der Heide

The Text of the Talmud Disputation of Paris (Wikkuah Rabbenu Yehi’el): History, Critical Edition, Open Questions
Piero Capelli
Martin Bucer and the Jews
Görge Hasselhoff
Fools Are Everywhere - נאראנים געפינענ זיך אומעטום
Ruth von Bernuth

Mercury Hall
Section “Modern Jewish Thought and Theology.” Religion of Reason and the Reason of Religion
Chair: Donatella Di Cesare

Religion of Reason Revised: David Koigen’s ‘Moral God’
Martina Urban
Kabbalah and Reason in Italian Jewish Culture of the 18th Century
Alessandro Guetta

Section “Modern Jewish History in Eastern Europe.” The Jews in Tsarist Russia I
Chair: Olga Belova

Black Hundreds and Jews
Victoria Khiterer
Education Policy in the So-called Northwestern Region in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
Darius Staliūnas
The Lithuanian Jewish Community in the Mother Country and Palestine: Vibrant Relationship
Yosef Salmon

Pluto Hall
Section “Holocaust Studies.” Holocaust Experience: Case Studies
Chair: Ilya Altman

Problematizing Victimhood: Representing the Experience of Irène Némirovsky.
Stephen J. Gaies
To Rebuild Lives: a Longitudinal Study of the Influences of the Holocaust on Relationships among Three Generations of Women in One Family
Tal Litvak-Hirsch

Galaxy 3
Section “Gender Studies.” Gender and Judaism
Chair: Anna Foa

Dividing the Image of God: the Creation of Man and Woman in Genesis.
Caterina Moro
Constructing a New Type of Jewish Woman – Women Oriented Literature of Rabbi Aviner.
Julia Schwartzmann
Rabbi Hillel Possek (1881-1953): Wedding Responses
Tzvia Koren-Loeb

Galaxy 1
Section “Yiddish Studies.” Older Yiddish Literature and Historiography
Chair: Marion Aptroot

The So-called Wallich-Folk Song Collection – Yiddish and German Songs and Plays From the Late 16th and Early 17th Century
Diana Matut
The Conquest of Buda in 1686 and the Fate of the Jews
Hilde Pach
Gate Keepers and Brokers, 18th Century Yiddish Historiography and Its Hebrew and Christian Sources
Bart Wallet

Coffee-break 10:30 – 11:00

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Session 2
11:00 – 13:00

Pluto Hall
Section “Bible.” Translating the Bible
Chair: Luis Vegas Montaner

Egyptian Judeo-Arabic Translations of Sacred Texts
Benjamin Hary
On the Problem of Identification of Musical Instruments in Lithuanian Translations of the Bible
Kamilė Rupeikaitė
The Reference of the Certain Issues of the Ancient Georgian Translations of the Bible to the Semitic Source
Marika Chachibaia

Galaxy 2
Section “Talmud, Midrash & Rabbinics.” Early Rabbinic Thought
Chair: Arkady Kovelman

The Ancestors' Prayers for the Salvation of Israel in Early Rabbinic Thought
Uri Ehrlich
Poverty as power in Late Antiquity or, the story of Hadrian and the old man as a Jewish-Christian
Roman polemic.
Tali Artman
The Land of Israel as Sacred Space: In Search of a Meaningful Perspective in Halakhic Thought
Ohr Margalit

Venus Hall
Section “Medieval & Early Modern Jewish History & Culture.” Jewish Christian Contact and Conflicts
Chair: Wout van Bekkum

A Separate Society of Converted Jews inside Christian Town in the Visigothic Law
Lubov' Chernina
Contemplating the Cross: Jewish React to the Crucifixion, from the Gospels to Gibson
Jeremy Cohen
Relations between Jews and Christians in Medieval Europe. The Case of Servants and Maids in Northern France and Ashkenazim
Denis Levy Willard

Section “Modern Jewish History in Eastern Europe.” The Jewish Press in Central and Eastern Europe
Chair: John D. Klier

Personal Opinion Becomes Public Opinion:The Rivalry Between Benno Straucher and Leon Kellner in the Light of Czernovitz Newspaper Reporting, 1910-1913
Markus Bauer
Modern Jewish Art and Émigré Journalism in 1920s Berlin
Susanne Marten-Finnis / Igor Dukhan
German-Jewish Press Research – Past and Present: Concepts – Methods – Sources
Johannes Valentin Schwarz
German-Jewish Press and Jewish Historical Consciousness in the 19th Century
Michael Nagel

Mercury Hall
Section “Modern Jewish History in Western & Central Europe.” Jews and the Jewish Question in Central Europe II
Chair: Arturo Marzano

Development and Definition: Jews and Hungarian Economy
Valerie Mast
Anti-Semitic Discourse in Polish Nationalistic Weeklies between 1918-1939
Malgorzata Domagalska
Beyond Dmowski: British Perceptions of Polish Jews and Polish Jewish History, 1880-1922
Sam Johnson
On the Jews of Vienna in the Twentieth Century
Evelyn Adunka

Galaxy 1
Section “Jews & the Arts.” Jewish Artist and His Milieu
Chair: Edward van Voolen

The Social Status of the Jewish Artist in the Ruthenian Voievodship in the 18th Century (the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth)
Myroslava Keryk
Chagall in Love
Mirjam Rajner
Parisian Artistic Life in Twenties: Gallery of Portraits and Articles in Lithuanian Press by Neemiya Arbit-Blatt
Vilma Gradinskaite

Galaxy 3
Section “Gender Studies.” Gender and Identity
Chair: Yuriy Zaretskiy

The Jewish Family and The Man's Gender in the East Europe
Alexander Cantor
Some Gender Stereotypes and Modern Russian Jewish Identity
Elena Nosenko
Pinched Masculinity – Prostate Cancer and Male Identities in Israel
Lior Zeligman
Jewish Women of Ukraine of 1921-1929
Oleg Kozerod

Galaxy 5
Section “Yiddish Studies.” Modern Yiddish Literature and Culture I
Chair: Marion Aptroot

Reading Rolland in Radom: Zelbst-bildung and Jewish Youth Culture in Inter-war Poland
Ellen Kellman
The Writer as Reader: the Reading Experience in the Making of Yiddish Writers in Eastern Europe
Nathan Cohen
The Image of the Afro-American in American Yiddish Literature, in Particular in the Works of H. Leyvik, Arn Glants-Leyeles, Yoysef Opatoshu and Avrom Reyzen
Hugh Denman
Jewish Mystical Motifs in Isaac Bashevis Singer’s Novel Der Knekht (the Slave)
Haike Beruriah Wiegand

Section “Linguistics.” Hebrew and High Tec Versus Judeo-Spanish
Chair: Alexander Militarev

Linguistic Processing of Hebrew Texts with NooJ
Yaakov Bentolila
Methods of Encoding in Samuel de Archivolt’s Book Arugat Ha-Bosem
Yosef Ofer
Early Recordings of Judeo-Spanish in the Phonogrammarchiv of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
Christian Liebl
Judeo-Spanish Written Corpus in Historical Sociolinguistic Research: Benefits and Limitations
Ivana Vučina Simović

Lunch (on your own) 13:00 – 14:00

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Session 3
14:00 – 15:30

Galaxy 1
Section “Bible.” History and Bible
Chair: Luis Vegas Montaner

The Gordian Knot – History, Historiography and Typology: The Case of the Exodus
Yair Hoffman
Who Were the “Hittites” of the Pentateuch? A Reassessment
Alexander Nemirovsky

Section “Talmud, Midrash & Rabbinics.” Rabbinic Literature: Methodological Issues
Chair: Sacha Stern

Time in Rabbinic Texts: a New Type of Diachronic Difference
Alexander Samely
Rabbinic Texts: Construction or Deconstruction?
Avraham Walfish
Old Wine in New Flasks: The Story of Late Neo-Classical Midrash
Arnon Atzmon

Galaxy 3
Section “Medieval Jewish Philosophy.” Tradition and Innovation in Medieval Jewish Philosophy
Chair: Dmitriy Frolov

Between Maimonides and Gersonides: Jewish Philosophy in Province in the Thirteenth Century
Haim Kreisel
Philosophy and Halakhah: the Ambiguity of Intention
Hannah Kasher

Section “Hasidism.” Hasidism in Legend and Literature
Chair: Igor Turov

The Messiah as an Infant and as a Child in Megillat Setarim by R. Nahman of Bratzlav and the Messianic Ferment of 1806: New Discoveries
Zvi Mark
Hasidic Legend and Historiography. In Search of a Method.
Susanne Talabardon-Galley

Galaxy 2
Section “Jewish History in Late Antiquity.” Diaspora in Late Antiquity
Chair: Martin Goodman

Boundaries and Orthodoxy in Hellenistic Judaism
Tessa Rajak
Were the Jews Accused of Roasting their Enemies?
Miriam Ben Zeev
Various Aspects of Moses in the Fragments of Ezekiel’s Exagoge
Giovanni Frulla

Venus Hall
Section “Medieval & Early Modern Jewish History & Culture.” The Identity of the New Christians I
Chair: Albert Van der Heide

A New Perspective on Sephardic Trade Networks: “Inter-cultural” Interaction in the Early Modern Atlantic, 1580-1654
Jessica V. Roitman
Solomon Molkho's Biblical Self-Perception
Abraham Gross

Mercury Hall
Section “Modern Jewish History in Western & Central Europe.” Intellectual History of Western and Central European Jewry
Chair: Rashid Kaplanov

An Unexpected Testimony to Jewish Life in the Eighteenth Century
Bertram Eugene Schwarzbach
The Orthodox ‘Wissenschaft des Judentums’ 1872-1938 – Orthodox Strategies in the Research of Jewish Studies
Asaf Yedidya
Rabbinic Literature as a Historical Source for Modern Era Research – Algerian Jewry as a Case Study
Yossef Charvit

Pluto Hall
Section “Holocaust Studies.” Reflections of the Holocaust in Historiography and Fiction
Chair: Ivo Goldstein

Contesting the Place of the Shoah in Israel's National Narrative
Gulie Ne'eman Arad
Echoes from the Holocaust in the Works of Three Brazilian Writers
Rifka Berezin

Galaxy 5
Section “Yiddish Studies.” Yiddish Linguistics
Chair: Galina Eliasberg

‘Soviet speak’ in Yiddish – Hershl Shklyar’s List of Soviet Neologisms
Roland Gruschka
Modern Approaches to Designing Ethnolinguistic Questionnaires
Anna Sorokina
The Variations of Yiddish Orthographical Systems in the Present Hasidic Newspapers
Satoko Kamoshida

Coffee-break 15:30 – 16:00

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Session 4
16:00 – 17:00

Galaxy 3
Section “Medieval Jewish Philosophy.” Philosophical Interpretation of the Bible
Chair: Stefan Schreiner

The Philosophical Perspective of Abraham Bar Hiyya's Interpretations of the Bible
Mariano Gomez-Aranda
“Not so with My servant Moses...”: Philosophic Interpretations of Numbers 12:6-8
Sofya Kopelyan

Section “Hasidism.” On the History of Chabad.
Chair: Igor Turov

Can There Be a Post-Modern Perspective on Chabad Hasidism?
Naftali Loewenthal
“Making of Home for God in the Lower Worlds”: HaBad Women in the XX Century
Ada Rapoport-Albert

Pluto Hall
Section “Modern Jewish Thought and Theology.” The Issue of Messianism
Chair: Donatella Di Cesare

Messianism Revisited
Christian Nilsson
E. Levinas and J. Derrida: History and Messianic Dimension of Politics.
Boris Gubman

Section “Modern Jewish History in Eastern Europe.” The Jews in Tsarist Russia II
Chair: John D .Klier

The Activity of the Jewish Historical and Ethnographic Society (JHES) on Saving of the Memorials of Jewish Antiquities, National Art and Objects of Worship from Area of the Military Operations During the World War I
Evgenia Pevzner
Yakut Jews at the Edge of XIX-XX Centuries: Life in Two Dimensions
Lilia Kalmina

Mercury Hall
Section “Modern Jewish History in Western & Central Europe.” Jews and the Jewish Question in Western Europe I
Chair: Rashid Kaplanov

Kishinev in the French Press: The 1903 Pogrom in the Main Newspapers of the Third Republic
Haim Avni
The Italian Jewish Immigration to Palestine/Israel (1938-1967) and the Italian Chalutzim
Arturo Marzano

Galaxy 5
Section “Yiddish Studies.” Modern Yiddish Literature and Culture II
Chair: Marion Aptroot

“A Shutef in Mayse-breyshes.” Shmuel Niger’s Metacritical Views
Karolina Szymaniak
D. Pinsky’s Dramatic Cycle Meshikhim in the Context of His Creative Work
Galina Eliasberg

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Plenary session
17:15 – 18:15

Jews and Others in Russia
Chair: Albert Van der Heide

What the Cause of Pogrom Is?
Oleg Budnitskii
Jews as the Russian 'Other'
John Klier

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Session 1
9:00 – 10:30

Galaxy 5
Section “Judeo-Greek Studies.” Between Two Languages
Chair: Nicholas de Lange

Latin Inscriptions in Greek Characters, Greek Inscriptions in Latin Characters: a Study of the Jewish Evidence in Rome
Silvia Cappelletti
Greek Words and Voces Magicae in Jewish Magical Texts
Gideon Bohak
Medieval Jewish Greek Lexicography: the Arukh of Nathan Ben Jehiel
Shifra Hannah Sznol

Galaxy 2
Section “Modern Jewish Thought and Theology.” Temporality and Infinity in Judaism
Chair: Donatella Di Cesare

Idea of the Infinite in Lévinas and Koyré
Anna Yampolskaya
Bible Critcism at Nachman Krochmal – Between Tradition and Galician Haskala
Andreas Lehnardt

Section “Modern Jewish History in Eastern Europe.” Polish-Jewish Relations
Chair: Anke Hilbrenner

Anti-Jewish Violence in Poland, 1918-1920
William W. Hagen.
Polish-Jewish Relations in the Polish Lands during the First World War and It’s Aftermath
Konrad Zielinski

Mercury Hall
Section “Modern Jewish History in Non-European Countries.” North American Jewry
Chair: Mikhail Chlenov

Diary of a Los Angeles Jew, 1942-1972
Marc Lee Raphael
Western Jewish Images of Russian Jewish Soldiers at the Beginning of WW I
Marc Saperstein

Section “Holocaust Studies.” Holocaust experience: New Sources, New Approaches
Chair: Ilya Altman

“The Children Will Tell It as It Was”: Children’s Testimonies in Early Holocaust Research
Boaz Cohen
The Holocaust, "Crime," and Photography: A Closer Look
Michael Berkowitz
Rape and the Holocaust
Helene Sinnreich

Galaxy 1
Section “Jews & the Arts.” Figurative Art
Chair: Igor Dukhan

Marc Chagall and the Problem of Painting a Jewish Crucifixion
Aaron Rosen
Meijer de Haan (1852-1895), Inspired Artist – Controversial Outsider
Jelka Kröger
Making of National Art: Boris Schatz in Bulgaria. For the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Bezalel School of Art in Jerusalem (1906) and the 140th Anniversary of Boris Schatz’s Birthday (1866-1932)
Eugeny Kotlyar

Galaxy 3
Section “Gender Studies.” Women and Gender in the Middle Ages
Chair: Anna Foa

What Can We Gain by Looking at Medieval Hebrew Literature through the Lens of Gender?
Tova Rosen
Caring for Women’s Health and Beauty: Cosmetics and the Hebrew Medieval Medical Production
Carmen Caballero-Navas
"Woman of Valor": Women’s Image and Status in Jewish Philosophy of the 16-th Century.
Shaul Regev

Venus Hall
Section “Social Sciences.” Judaism vs. Modernism.
Chair: Vladimir Sobkin

Judaism, The Rise of Western Rationalism and Replacement Theology.
Renan Springer de Freitas
The Impact of the Teshuvah (Return to Judaism) Experience of Dutch Jewish Women on the Dynamics of their Families of Origin and on Multigenerational Family Relations.
Minny Mock-Degen
A Jew(ess) for Our Time
Carole Shaw

Pluto Hall
Section “Libraries and Archives.”
Chair: Edith Lubetski

The David Simonsen Archives and the Study of European Jewry
Eva-Marie Jansson
Creating a Judaica Library from Scratch: a Case Study from the University of Maryland.
Yelena Luckert
The Relevance of Cyrillic Bibliographic Data to the Cataloging of Hebraica from Eastern Europe
Bella Hass Weinberg

Coffee-break 10:30 – 11:00

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Session 2
11:00 – 13:00

Galaxy 3
Section “Talmud, Midrash & Rabbinics.” Rabbinic and Graeco-Roman Cultures
Chair: Arkady Kovelman

Hellenism in Jewish Babylonia
Daniel Boyarin
Moses' Father Speaks Out
Pieter W. van der Horst
The Influence of the Vulgate on the Esther Midrashim
Joseph Tabory
An Unnoticed Jewish Exegetical Tradition in the Acts of Thomas
Sergey Minov

Section “Jewish Mysticism.” The Faces of Kabbalah II
Chair: Leonid Matsikh

The Metatron Tradition in 2 (Slavonic) Enoch.
Andrei Orlov
Seekers of the Shekhina. A Description of an Unknown Era in the History of Jewish Mysticism.
Ronit Meroz
Laughter and Creation in the Kabbalah of R. I. Sarug and R. N. Baharakh (with Some Hassidic Interpretations).
Menachem Yaglom
An Unknown Commentary on the 10 Sefirot from the Kabbalistic School of Francesco Giorgio
Saverio Campanini

Galaxy 2
Section “Jewish History in Late Antiquity.” Rabbinic Judaism in Late Antiquity I
Chair: Svetlana Babkina

Purity of Lineage in Talmudic Babylonia
Aharon Oppenheimer
Temporality and A-temporality of the Law in Early Rabbinic Writings
Olga M. Zaprometova
Charity and Piety among Jews in Late Antiquity
Michael Satlow
Calendars in Antiquity, or: Jewish Studies versus Ancient History
Sacha Stern

Galaxy 5
Section “Judeo-Greek Studies.” The Greek Bible
Chair: Yevgeniya Smagina

Greek Ecclesiastes: the Character of a Developing Jewish Translation Tradition
James K. Aitken
Traditional Literary Jewish Greek. Proposals for the New Descriptive Model
Andrej Vdovichenko
Textual Variants in the Constantinopolitan Pentateuch
Julia Krivoruchko
An Early Hebrew–Greek Bible Glossary from the Cairo Genizah
Nicholas de Lange

Section “Modern Jewish History in Eastern Europe.” The Jews in Tsarist Russia III
Chair: John D. Klier

A Patriot for Women: Anna Kal'manovich and the Issues of Gender and National Identity for Jewish Women in Pre-Revolutionary Russia
Rochelle G. Ruthchild
The Hebrew Branch of the Jewish Historiography in Late Imperial Russia
Aleksander Lokshin
Simon Dubnow’s Eastern European Approach to Jewish History
Anke Hilbrenner
Censorship as a Policy Instrument for the Jewish Question in Russia in the 19th Century
Dmitry A. Elyahsevich

Mercury Hall
Section “Modern Jewish History in Non-European Countries.” Perspectives on Jewish Studies: the View from America.
Round table
Chair: William Rubinstein

At Home in Academia
Deborah Dash Moore
Accommodation and Resistance
Paula E. Hyman
Comments from Europe
Gabriella Moscati Steindler
From History to Memory
Andrew Bush

Galaxy 1
Section “Jews & the Arts.” Early Modern and Modern Synagogue Art. Jews in Christian Religious Art
Chair: Edward van Voolen

“Thou That Dwellest in the Gardens”: The Metaphorizing of the Synagogue Design in the Early Modern Eastern Europe
Ilia Rodov
The Image of the Synagogue in the Townscape - Case Studies in 19th Century Central Europe
Rudolf Klein
The Special Course for Students of Architectural Specialties “Architecture of Synagogue in the Volga Region”
Vera Kuznetsova
Synagogues of Kaunas: History and Architecture
Marija Rupeikienė

Venus Hall
Section “Social Sciences.” Psychological aspects on Contemporary Jewish Life.
Chair: Vladimir Sobkin

Peculiarities of socialization of the Jewish teenager in Russia
Vladimir Sobkin
Jewish families in Contemporary Russia: Thinking Psychologically
Alexander Shapiro
Influence of Self-Identification with National Majority and Minority on Ethnic Tolerance in Adolescence
Svetlana Muterperel

Pluto Hall
Section “Libraries and Archives.”
Chair: Yael Penkower

Reconstructing the Records of Plunder: Tracing the Archival Legacy of the Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg (ERR)
Patricia Kennedy Grimsted
On Jewry, Freemasonry and Bolshevism the ERR exhibition in Ratibor, May 1944
Frederik. J. Hoogewoud
Twice Lost, Twice Found: the Archives and Libraries of Thessaloniki, “the Jerusalem of the Balkans”
Devin E. Naar
The Riddle of the Holocaust Era Collection at the University of Cape Town
Veronica Belling

Lunch (on your own) 13:00 – 14:00

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Session 3
14:00 – 15:30

Section “Jewish Mysticism.” Kabbalistic Alchemy
Chair: Mihal Galas

Practical Kabbalah and Popular Medicine: the Case of Polish Ba’alei Shem
Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern
Kabbalah, Alchemy, and Kabbalistic Alchemy: the Case of “Aesh Mezaref”
Konstantin Burmistrov
The Ba'al Shem and the Doctor: Medicine in the Daily Life of German Jews in the 17th and 18th Centuries
Nimrod Zinger

Galaxy 5
Section “Judeo-Greek Studies.” History and Culture of Judaeo-Greek Word
Chair: Yevgeniya Smagina

New Unpublished Documents from the State Venetian Archives on the Capsalis and the Jewish Community of Candia
Aleida Paudice
Exploring and Imagining the Romaniote Communities
Natalia Evseenko
Messianims and the Medieval Polemics in Sefer Yosippon
Steven Bowman

Galaxy 2
Section “Modern Jewish Thought and Theology.” Traditions of Jewish Thought and Modern Society
Chair: Boris Gubman

Between Sensual and Heavenly Love. Franz Rosenzweig's Reading of the Song of Songs
Paul Mendes-Flohr
Kabbalah of Y. Ashlag in Contemporary Russia
Mikhail Gissin
Jewish Heritage and Modern Science: The Establishment and the Perpetuation of the Israeli Academic Research System
Shaul Katz

Section “Modern Jewish History in Eastern Europe.” Ethnography of East European Jews
Chair: Olga Belova

Jewish Legends about Spiders and Birds in the Oral Tradition of Eastern Europe
Maria Kaspina
Integration to the “Others’” Rituals as a Form of Ethnoconfessional Dialogue between Slavs and Jews
Olga Belova
19th Century Galician Jewish Costume. Based on the Pieces of Clothes from the National Museum in Cracow Textile Department's Collection in the Light of 19-th Century Painting and Graphics.
Anna Lebet-Minakowska

Mercury Hall
Section “Modern Jewish History in Non-European Countries.” Latin American Jewry
Chair: Mikhail Chlenov

The Avant –Garde of Jewish Thought in Colonial Brazil
Daniela Levy
A Century of Jewish Presence in Mexico: Achievements and Challenges
Raquel Franklin

Galaxy 3
Section “Gender Studies.” Gender and Modernization
Chair: Anna Foa

The Participation of Jewish Women in Social and Political Activities: Their Past Experience in Europe and as Immigrants in Brazil

Eva Alterman Blay
Purity Houses (Margam Gojo) among Ethiopian Immigrants in Israel: A Gendered and Religious Protest
Inbal E. Cicurel/ Rachel Sharaby

Venus Hall
Section “Social Sciences.” Jewish Ethnicity, the Hebrew Language and Literature face Modernization.
Chair: Lars Denchik

A Jewish Economy in Transaction: The Case of Salonica 1912 – 1922
Orly C. Meron
Explaining Success and Failure in Romanization of Scripts: A Comparison of the Hebrew and Turkish Case
Ilker Aytürk
Turning the Kaleidoscope – Perspectives on European Jewry
Sandra Lustig

Pluto Hall
Section “Libraries and Archives.”
Chair: Edith Lubetski

Christopher and Plantin and the Christian Hebraists
Albert van der Heide
The Religious and Social Function of the Hebrew Printed Book in Central-Eastern Europe in the 16th-18th Centuries
Krzysztof Pilarczyk

Coffee-break 15:30 – 16:00

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Session 4
16:00 – 17:00

Galaxy 2
Section “Hebrew Manuscripts.” Cairo Genizah Manuscripts
Chair: Mauro Perani

A Cairo Genizah Palimpsest with a Bilingual Hebrew-Greek Glossary of the Bible
Judith Olszowy-Schlanger
A Witness from the Cairo Genizah: is This the Oldest Dated Byzantine-Italian Manuscript?
Gabriel Mancuso

Section “Jewish Mysticism.” The Faces of Kabbalah I
Chair: Leonid Matsikh

The Concept of the Ascent of Prayer in the writings of R. Joseph ibn Zayyah, a Sixteenth-century Jerusalem Kabbalist
Sachi Ogimoto
Kabbalistic Fragments in the Rylands Genizah Collection – the Discovery of an Autograph by Isaac Luria?
Renate Smithuis

Pluto Hall
Section “Modern Jewish Thought and Theology.” Jews Learning Antiquity
Chair: Donatella Di Cesare

Elias Bickerman as a Historian of the Jews
Albert I. Baumgarten
Ben Gurion's Studies of Plato
Gideon Katz/ Avi Bareli

Mercury Hall
Section “Modern Jewish History in Non-European Countries.” Australian Jewry
Chair: William Rubinstein

The Australian Jewish Community: A Case of Australian 'Exceptionalism'?
William D. Rubinstein
Let My People Go: Australian Jewry’s Campaign for Soviet Jewry
Suzanne Rutland

Section “Holocaust Studies.” Representations of the Holocaust Memory
Chair: Ilya Altman

Understanding Auschwitz
Donatella Di Cesare
The Soviet Response to and Representation of the Diary of Anne Frank
Corinne Ducey

Galaxy 1
Section “Jews & the Arts.” Ancient Jewish Artifacts
Chair: Edward van Voolen

The Symbolic Image of the Tabernacle/Temple in Jewish and Christian Visual Polemics of the Fourth Century
Shulamith J. Laderman
Jewish Community of Sasanian Persia in Talmud and Artifacts: Sasanian Stamp Seals
Galina Liouban/ Alexander Nikitin

Galaxy 3
Section “Gender Studies.” Gender and Representation
Chair: Yuriy Zaretskiy

The Representation of Women’s Experience in the Interwar Polish-Jewish Writing
Eugenia Prokop-Janiec
Universal Subject, Female Body and the Concentration Camps Experience
Manuela Consonni

Venus Hall
Section “Social Sciences.” Jewish Identity at Home and Abroad
Chair: Vladimir Sobkin

Jewish Presence in Russsian Philosophical Though of the 20th Century
Eugene Boris Rashkovsky
Identity Mirrors: Two Concepts of the Hebrew Literature in the Post-Colonial Context.
Helena Rimon

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 17:15 – 18:45
Evening Cosmos
Book Launch Judaica in Russian

The book launch includes:
– Presentation of new books in the field of Jewish Studies in Russian by Gishrey Tarbut Association and Lechaim Publishing House.
– Presentation of recent publications on East European Jewish Studies by the International Center for Russian & East European Jewish Studies.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 19:00 – 21:00
Evening Cosmos

EAJS General Meeting
Closing Session

Thursday, July 27, 2006
Session 1
9:00 – 10:30

Galaxy 1
Section “Medieval & Early Modern Jewish History & Culture.” The Identity of the New Christians II
Chair: Albert van der Heide

New Christians or Sephardim Jews? The Portuguese Inquisition in the Colonies of the West Coast of Africa (1536-1800)
Filipa Isabel Ribeiro da Silva
Moses Luzzatto (Padua 1707 - Acre 1746) as a Source of Inspiration for Mitnaggedism, Hasidism, and Mussar Movement in the Eighteenth – Twentieth Centuries.
Natascia Danieli

Galaxy 5
Section “Modern Jewish History in Eastern Europe.” Judaism in Eastern Europe after 1917
Chair: John D. Klier

The Rabbinate in Soviet Russia
Avraham Greenbaum
Jewish Religion in Soviet and Post-Soviet Latvia
Bella Zisere
New Phase of Jewish-Ukrainian Relations? Problems and Perspectives in the Ethno-Politics over the Hasidic Pilgrimage to Uman
Mitsuharu Akao

Galaxy 3
Section “Jews & the Arts.” Music, Theater, Cinema
Chair: Igor Dukhan

Gesher Theatre: The Cultural Legacy of Habima and GOSET
Olga Gershenson
Jewish Topic in Eisenstein’s Movies: National, Religious, Ideological…
Viktoria Sukovata

Thursday, July 27, 2006
9:00 – 11:00

Galaxy 2
Meeting of the Incoming EAJS Executive Committee

Coffee-break 10:30 – 11:00

Thursday, July 27, 2006
Session 2
11:00 – 13:00

Galaxy 3
Section “Jewish History in Late Antiquity.” Jewish Social and Political History before 70 CE
Chair: Martin Goodman

The Council of Elders during the pre-Hasmonean Period
Maria Brutti
Ruler or God? The Demolition of Herod’s Eagle
Jan Willem van Henten
Armenian-Jewish Relations According to Josephus
Mireille Hadas-Lebel

Galaxy 1
Section “Medieval & Early Modern Jewish History & Culture.” Piyyut and Exegesis
Chair: Albert van der Heide

A Dictionary of Piyyut: Methods and Materials
Wout van Bekkum/Naoya Katsumata
Asceticism and Misogyny in the ` Iggeret Ha-musar by Shem Tob Ibn Falaquera
Aurora Salvatierra Ossorio
Ibn Ezra's Response to Rashbam's Grammatical Interpretation of the Bible
Ronela Merdler

Galaxy 2
Section “Modern Hebrew Literature.” Memory, Identity and Poetics
Chair: Tsila Ratner

Late Return: Introductory Comments towards the Reassessment of Sifrut Hatchiya
Yigal Schwartz
Aharon Appelfeld and Giorgio Bassani: The European Bond
Michéle Tauber
David Grossman: The Poetics of the Political and the Politics of the Poetic
Smadar Shiffman

Galaxy 5
Section “Modern Jewish History in Eastern Europe.” Soviet Jewry
Chair: Oleg Budnitskii

Philanthropy or Political Partnership? Participation of the ORT World Union in the Jewish Agricultural Colonization in the Soviet Union in 1923 – 1938 (Based on Memories of the ORT Leaders And Documents from the World ORT Archive in London)
Alexander Ivanov
Nahum Goldman and the Soviet Jewry: an Alternative Vision
Matvey Chlenov
Discrimination of Jews in USSR after the Second World War as the Dominant Factor of Constructing the National Identity
Leonid Finberg
E.M. Iaroslavskii and the Complexities of Stalinism
George Enteen

Lunch (on your own) 13:00 – 14:00

Thursday, July 27, 2006
Session 3
14:00 – 15:30

Galaxy 1
Section “Bible.” Semantics of Biblical Poetry and Biblical Law
Chair: Alexander Nemirovskiy

The Ancient Critical Misunderstanding of Exod. 21:22-25 and Its Implications for the Current Debate on Abortion
Chaim Cohen
Words, Thoughts and Incantations in Psalms 52:4,9; 91:3 and Other Verses
Meir Lubetski
On Syntax and Semantics in the Psalms: Their Reflection in the Masoretic Accentuation
Luis Vegas Montaner

Galaxy 2
Section “Holocaust Studies.” The Jewish Question in Europe in Pre-war and War Years
Chair: Ilya Altman

The Influence of Jewish Refugees and the Refugee Question Upon Jewish Public Life in Hungary, 1933-1945
Kinga Frojimovics
Racism and Antisemitism in Fascist Italy: History and Activities of the Race Office (1938-1943)
Tommaso Dell'Era
Missing Link in Seeking the “Solution of the Jewish Question”: on One Rejected Proposal Germany Made to the USSR
Pavel Polian

Galaxy 3
Section “Gender Studies.” Gender and Writers
Chair: Yuriy Zaretskiy

New Female Identities in Yiddish Literature: Esther Kreytman from Angel of the Household to Accursed Writer
Alicia Ramos-González
Looking for Mother, Looking for Father: Barbara Honigmann, Gila Lustiger
Rita Calabrese
Jewish and Women's Emancipation in Thought of Hannah Arendt
Katrin Tenenbaum

Galaxy 5
Section “Social Sciences.” Jewish Identities in Post-modern Societies
Chair: Lars Denchik

‘Jewishness’ in Postmodernity: The Case of Scandinavian Jewry
Lars Dencik
On Jewish Identity
Susan Markuszower
A Geographical Information System for Research of the European Jewish History and Cultural Heritage
Franco Niccolucсi/Sorin Hermon

Coffee-break 15:30 – 16:00

Thursday, July 27, 2006
Session 4
16:00 – 17:00

Galaxy 1
Section “Bible.” Inner and Post-Biblical Interpretation
Chair: Luis Vegas Montaner

Cain: Son of God or Son of Satan
Israel Knohl
The Theological Conception of the Biblical Miracle in Rashi`s Commentary
Lea Himmelfarb

Galaxy 3
Section “Hebrew Manuscripts.” Hebrew Manuscripts from Spain and Northern Italy
Chair: Jesús de Prado Plumed

The Manuscripts of Raphael da Prato, Conserved in Moscow
Elodie Attia
BNF Hébr. 1229 and 1230: A Preliminary Study of Codicological Typology between Medieval and Modern Times
Jesús de Prado Plumed

Galaxy 2
Section “Jewish History in Late Antiquity.” Rabbinic Judaism in Late Antiquity II
Chair: Svetlana Babkina

A Byzantine Judaism: Towards a New Category
Alexei Sivertsev
Judeo-Greek world outlook systems. Reflection in the mirror of education
Mikhail Vasilyev

Galaxy 5
Section “Modern Jewish History in Eastern Europe.” Judaism in Eastern Europe before 1917
Chair: Anke Hilbrenner

Christian Attitudes to Judaism in Muscovite (?) Russia: New Perspectives
Mikhail Dmitriev
Faivel Getz and the Ritual Expertise at the Beylis Trial (New Materials)
Leonid Katsis

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