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Ergebnisanzeige "Foreigners, Strangers, and Others in Medieval France"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelForeigners, Strangers, and Others in Medieval France
BeschreibungCall for papers
Foreigners, Strangers, and Others in Medieval France
International Medieval Society, Paris
29.06.2006-01.07.2006, Ecole nationale des Chartes

Keynote Speaker: William Chester Jordan (Princeton University)
Respondent: Keith Busby (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Special Session and Visit: Medieval Paris
Keynote Speaker: Michael T. Davis (Mount Holyoke College)

Deadline for Submissions: 28. November 2005

Foreigners, Strangers, and Others in Medieval France

The International Medieval Society of Paris (IMS-Paris) is soliciting
abstracts and proposals for complete sessions for its 2006 Symposium
organized around questions of foreignness, strangeness, and alterity in
France from c. 500 to c. 1600. These issues have gained prominence
recently as scholarship in all fields of medieval studies has redefined
both the literal and figurative boundaries of medieval society to take
in the geographic, social, and cultural "margins" of pre-modern Europe.
This on-going project has deeply enriched our knowledge of the diversity
that characterized medieval experience while at the same time it has
raised questions about the meaning and location of normalcy in
this historical milieu.

Papers might address such topics as nationality, language, and
ethnicity, disease and disability, crime and poverty, sexual and
religious difference or deviance, as well as other expressions of
difference and exclusion. How is difference signaled, for example, with
regard to the importation of goods, knowledge, or artistic and literary
techniques? How are alterity and its counterpart, normalcy, represented
visually? What kinds of spaces do foreigners and strangers inhabit?
What values are attached and how are these differences reconciled to
prevailing constructions of the normal? How is "good" alterity   the
exotic, the rare, the saintly   distinguished from "bad" alterity, such
as the monstrous, the shocking, or the heretical? What do the boundaries
or limits of alterity tell us about silent assumptions of belonging and

A multidisciplinary examination of these and other questions promises to
shed new light on the center as well as the periphery of medieval life.

Special Session: Medieval Paris
The IMS-Paris is also seeking abstracts for its annual interdisciplinary
session(s) on Medieval Paris. Papers may address any issue of medieval
Paris and need not be linked to the principle theme of the Symposium.
Rather, the IMS intends for these sessions to permit a comparative
examination of the city to encourage future research.
There will also be a visit to some of the surviving sites of medieval

Papers may be presented in either English or French. A limited number
of papers may be considered for publication in the IMS Bulletin.

We strongly encourage submissions from a variety of disciplines,
including but not limited to: Anthropology Archaeology Art History
Classical Studies Comparative Literature Gender Studies History
History of Science Language Studies Literary Studies Musicology
Philosophy Religious Studies Theology Urban Studies *

Abstracts should be no more than 300 words for a 20 minute paper. In
addition, please submit full contact information, a CV, and a tentative
assessment of any audiovisual equipment required for your presentation.
Submissions of complete three-paper panels will be considered as well.

E-mail abstracts and session proposals to the IMS at
by 28 November 2005.

The IMS will review submissions and respond via e-mail by 12 December
2005. Titles and abstracts of accepted papers will be made available on
the IMS web site.

The IMS-Paris is an interdisciplinary and bilingual (French/English)
organization founded to serve as a center for medievalists who research,
work, study, or travel to France. For more information about the IMS and
the schedule of last year's Symposium, please see our

Julian Führer
Historisches Seminar der Universität Zürich

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