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Ergebnisanzeige "German Studies Review 39 (2016), H. 1"
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TitelGerman Studies Review 39 (2016), H. 1
BeschreibungGerman Studies Review
Journal of the German Studies Association (GSA)

German Studies Review publishes articles and book reviews on the history, literature, culture, and politics of the German-speaking areas of Europe encompassing primarily, but not exclusively, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Read by historians, literary scholars, film scholars, musicologists, art historians, and political scientists from around the world, the journal is distinguished by its interdisciplinary orientation and particularly interested in cultural studies approaches. German Studies Review is a journal of first publication, and all submissions are subjected to double-blind peer review. Our review process is both rigorous and efficient, with a ca. 30% acceptance rate, reviews returned within three months, and time from submission to publication normally less than one year. For submission guidelines, subscription information, and more, please visit

TABLE OF CONTENTS Volume 39, Issue 1 (February 2016)

Alexander Maxwell and Sacha E. Davis. “Germanness Beyond Germany: Collective Identity in German Diaspora Communities” / 1-16

Alexander Maxwell. ““Hungaro-German Dual Nationality: Germans, Slavs, and Magyars during the 1848 Revolution” / 17-40

Sacha E. Davis. “Constructing the Volksgemeinschaft: Saxon Particularism and the Myth of the German East, 1919–1933” / 41-64

Sabina Groeneveld. “Far away at Home in Qingdao (1897–1914)” / 65-80

Christian Wilbers. “Saxon? German? American? Negotiating Germanness and Belonging in the United States, 1935-1939” / 81-98

Dani Kranz. “Changing Definitions of Germanness Across Three Generations of Yekkes in Palestine/Israel”/ 99-120

Katharina Schmidt. (2015 GSA Prize for the Best Essay in German Studies by a Graduate Student) “Law, Modernity, Crisis: German Free Lawyers, American Legal Realists and the Transatlantic Turn to ‘Life,’ 1903-1933” / 121-140


Thorsten Logge. “Public History in Germany: Challenges and Opportunities” / 141-154

BOOK REVIEWS / 155-219

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