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Ergebnisanzeige "CFP: "Mourning Women," WiG Pre-Twentieth Century Panel (deadline: Mar. 1, 2016; WiG; Oct. 13-16, 2016)"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelCFP: "Mourning Women," WiG Pre-Twentieth Century Panel (deadline: Mar. 1, 2016; WiG; Oct. 13-16, 2016)
BeschreibungWomen in German Conference -- The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta (Canada), October 13-16, 2016

Pre-Twentieth Century Panel: Mourning Women

In German literature prior to the 20th century, Bettina von Arnim mourns and immortalizes her friend and mentor Karoline von Günderode by publishing an edited version of their epistolary exchanges; Clemens Brentano grieves for his wife Sophie Mereau after she dies in childbirth; protagonist Amalie mourns her miscarriage at the hands of her abuser in Marianne Ehrmann’s Amalie. Whether it is a woman who mourns, or whether it is a woman who is being mourned, gender and identity (these women are friends, wives, daughters, lovers, mothers, etc.) contribute to the landscape of mourning. The language used in these texts poses the question: is there a gendered tradition of mourning, and, if so, how is it represented textually? Narrating acts and emotions of mourning share the experience with a reader and make what might have initially been a private moment a public – or shared – one. In this panel, we ask the overarching question: how do narratives of mourning women complicate and historicize how we understand mourning in the pre-twentieth century?

Papers could address topics such as:

• mourning privately or mourning publicly

• discourses of mourning

• mourning and motherhood; or mourning motherhood

• mourning miscarriage and/or not conceiving

• narrating mourning – and the limitations of narrating mourning

• genre and mourning (epistles, poems, diaries, etc.)

• spaces and/or behaviors of mourning

• mourning beyond a gender binary

• political/cultural contexts of mourning

We invite papers from any time period pre-1900 and seek to select papers that look at the intersection of mourning and gender from a variety of theoretical approaches and time periods and ask: in addition to gender, how do issues of race/ethnicity/ability/sexuality/nationality/etc. complicate our understanding of mourning women in German culture prior to the 20th century? We encourage scholars from all ranks to apply to our panel.

Please send abstracts of ~250 words to Lena Heilmann (lmheilmann(at) and Beth Ann Muellner (BMuellner(at) by March 1, 2016. Panelists should become members of Women in German or renew their membership for 2016 prior to the conference.
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VeranstaltungsortBanff, Alberta (Canada)
PersonName: Prof. Lena Heilmann 
KontaktdatenName/Institution: Lena Heilmann/Knox College 
LandVereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Zusätzliches Suchwortmourning; grieving; women; feminism; intersectionality
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