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Ergebnisanzeige "CFP MLA 2017 – In Excess: Debaucheries and Digressions after Enlightenment"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelCFP MLA 2017 – In Excess: Debaucheries and Digressions after Enlightenment
BeschreibungIn Excess: Debaucheries and Digressions after the Enlightenment

This panel seeks to explore the multitude of possible forms of excess. Debaucheries as permanent, excessive expansions or digressions as momentary, superfluous deviations are but two of the many ways to investigate the concept. We are particularly interested in papers that discuss excess and its potential structures as something that exposes, highlights, reveals, brings into contrast, clarifies, and even manifests that which it exceeds, exits, exhausts, or leaves behind.

Topics may include but are not limited to:
-relations between debauchery/digression and norm(s)
-perversion, deviance, aberration as unique forms of excess
-remainders, castoffs, echos as leftovers of excess
-loquaciousness, hyperbole, ornament and other forms of excessive production
-detours, wrong ways, and u-turns
-satire, caricature, parody, mockery as critical forms of excess

This is a call for papers for a proposed special session at the MLA
conference 2017 in Philadelphia. Acceptance at the call for paper stage
is not a guarantee of the session being accepted and running at the MLA

Please send your 250-word abstract by 4 March 2016 to Anja Ketterl (
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