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Ergebnisanzeige "European Narrative Literature in the Early Period of Print"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelEuropean Narrative Literature in the Early Period of Print
BeschreibungAlthough narrative texts are a relatively small part of the total book production in the early period of print (c. 1470 - c. 1550), they are a cross-European phenomenon of great importance for our understanding of literary history in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. A conference devoted to these texts will take place in Utrecht, 24-25 November, 2016. We intend to focus on the general features of printed narrative texts in the various linguistic areas. These characteristics may be highlighted by means of case studies and/or by adopting a comparative approach. The organizing committee invites proposals for papers (20 minutes, in English, French or German) on this topic.

We encourage scholars to address wider questions, such as:
- Which features characterize the transition from manuscript copies to printed narrative texts in the various linguistic areas?
- Which centres of printing can be identified and how do they interact?
- Did networks of printers and translators exist?
- What are the formal, textual and pictorial characteristics of printed narrative texts in this period?
- Is it possible to identify stages in the production of early printed narrative texts?
- To what extent were the adaptation and transmission processes of printed narratives influenced by the existence of texts in ‘foreign’ languages?
- What concepts of authorship can be identified in the narrative texts of this period?
- What are the dominant themes in the narrative texts of this period?

A volume of proceedings is anticipated.

Please submit a proposal (200 words, in English, French or German) by April 15, 2016 to
Organizing Committee:
Bart Besamusca (Utrecht University)
Elisabeth de Bruijn (University of Antwerp)
Rita Schlusemann (Utrecht University)
Frank Willaert (University of Antwerp)


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Stadt: Utrecht 
SchlüsselbegriffeBuchwissenschaft (Bibliotheks-, Verlagsgeschichte); Komparatistik (Kulturvergleich, Interkulturelle Literaturwissenschaft); Literatur 1300 - 1500; Literatur 1500 - 1580; Medien- u. Kommunikationsgeschichte (Hand-, Druckschrift, Film, Rundfunk, Computerspiel usw.); Medien- u. Kommunikationstheorie
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