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Ergebnisanzeige "Extended Deadline "First International Conference for Young Researchers" Languages and Intercultural Communication"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelExtended Deadline "First International Conference for Young Researchers" Languages and Intercultural Communication
BeschreibungCall for Participation in "First International Conference for Young Researchers"
Languages and Intercultural Communication
March 5-7, 2016, Faculty of Al-Alsun, Ain Shams University Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt
Kindly be informed that the conference targets MA and PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers all over the world, provided that their age does not exceed 45 years old. Only research papers that are published for the first time will be considered for publication.

NEW Abstracts submission deadline: January 25, 2016

Conference Tracks:

1. Linguistic studies in view of societal and international development:

- Language sciences and modern communicative trends (Applied Linguistics- Political Linguistics- Text Linguistics- Cognitive Linguistics- Comparative Linguistics- Sociolinguistics- General Linguistics).
- Lexicographical Studies...societal visions and contemporary realism.
- Discourse Analysis within a conflicting reality.
- Spoken and non-spoken language and their role in communication.

2. Literary Studies in the light of modern theories of criticism:

- Comparative Literature and temporal and spatial changes (temporospatial) within a changing society.
- Cultural openness and the issue of identity in modern literary studies.
- The argument of the ego and the other in literature and society.
- Cultural criticism and literary genres.
- Orientalism
- the changes of the age.
- Gender studies.

3. Translation in a changing society:

- Translation and cultural communication (different text genres- specialized translation- subtitling and audio-visual translation).
- Translation of Heritage Language (cultural heritage)
- The role of the computer in language development processing and translation.
- The changes of the age and their impact on interpreting and written translation.

Conference Participation Fees:
1) For Egyptians: 1000 EGP.
2) For non-Egyptians (Arabs): 450EUR.
3) For non-Egyptians (foreigners): 500 EUR.
4) For foreigners living in Egypt: 250 EUR.

The fees cover registration, publication and accommodation for 3 nights per person in a double room for non-Egyptians.

If you have any inquires, feel free to direct them to the following email address:
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VeranstaltungsortCairo, Egypt
PersonFunktion: Organisation 
KontaktdatenName/Institution: Faculty of Al-Alsun, Ain Shams University 
Strasse/Postfach: Khalifa El-Maamon St 
Postleitzahl: 1566 
Stadt: Cairo 
Telefon: 02 2626259 
Fax: 022627214 
SchlüsselbegriffeLinguistik; Fachkommunikation (Fachsprache, institutionelle Kommunikation, Wirtschaftskommunikation, Sprache im Beruf, Terminologiewissenschaft, Technische Kommunikation/ Technischer Redakteur); Generative Grammatik; Gesprächsanalyse / gesprochene Sprache; Grammatik (Wortarten, Flexion, Syntax, Grammatiktheorien, Grammatikographie); Kognitive Linguistik (Metapherntheorie, Prototypentheorie, Konzeptualisierung); Kontaktlinguistik (Sprachkontakt, Interferenzforschung, Interkulturelle Kommunikation, Mehrsprachigkeit); Kontrastive Linguistik (Sprachvergleich); Lexikologie / Lexikographie (Wortschatz/ Lexikon, Semantik); Neurolinguistik/ Patholinguistik; Pragmatik (Sprechakttheorie, Implikatur, Handlungstheorien, Historiopragmatik); Semiotik (Text und Bild); Soziolinguistik (Varietätenlinguistik, div. Lekte, Register, Code); Literaturwissenschaft; Bibliographien, Handbücher; Dramentheorie; Erzähltheorie; Genderforschung; Komparatistik (Kulturvergleich, Interkulturelle Literaturwissenschaft); Literarische Wertung/Literaturkritik; Literatur- u. Kulturgeschichte
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