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Ergebnisanzeige "GSA 2016 Panel: Medieval / Early Modern Panels"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelGSA 2016 Panel: Medieval / Early Modern Panels
BeschreibungCALL FOR PAPERS – Medieval/Early Modern

Fortieth Annual Conference of the German Studies Association (, San Diego, California, September 29-October 2, 2016

YMAGINA (Young Medievalist Germanists in North America) is pleased to announce the following calls for papers for sessions at the 2016 GSA conference. We seek 15- to 20-minute papers, in English or German. Please send an abstract (max. 250 words) and a brief CV that includes institutional affiliation by



1. Bring Out Your Dead! … I’m Not Dead Yet
Death rends the heart, strengthens the spirit, but more importantly, drives the plot. The death of a great hero can shake the world or bring the downfall of an entire dynasty as in the Nibelungenlied. One may look, for example, to the penitentially inspiring Passion Play tradition or the ethical horror of the Totentanz images and memento mori literature to find death’s rich dramatic and salvific potential. On a practical level, the meticulously-kept lists of the deceased found in monastic necrologies can yield information about a religious community, its internal history and its social ties to the external world.
Yet a liminal state between life and death proves no less productive. The resurrection of Christ or even Lazarus, the martyrs of Hrotsvit’s plays who refuse to die, Erec’s Scheintod and the undead of Old Norse sagas attest to the vast interpretive possibilities of not-dead-yet.
This panel invites papers which explore the symbolic potential of death and the various permutations of not-dead-yet in medieval and early modern cultural production.

2. Practices of Dissolution
We also invite papers that investigate processes of dissolution and disbandment, both corporeal and figurative. Particularly welcome are works that seek to understand what agents or forces initiate, abet or impede the falling apart of various cohesive structures. Possible topics include the termination of social bonds (e.g. monastic orders, aristocratic kinship ties), the dismemberment of physical bodies (e.g. relic cults, violent conflict, blood libel), the destruction of buildings (e.g. churches, cities, castles), as well as the fragmentation and obliteration of manuscripts and images (e.g. Reformist iconoclasm, modern collectors and dealers).

3. Open Call for New Research
In addition to sessions on the topics listed above, we would like to be able to showcase ongoing research on other aspects of medieval and early modern Germanic culture and language. We therefore welcome submissions concerning work in progress on topics unrelated to the specific calls.

2016 YMAGINA Organizers
Nicolay Ostrau (Dartmouth College)
Sharon Wailes (Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis)
CJ Jones (University of Notre Dame)
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