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Ergebnisanzeige "GSA 2016 Panel: Minorities and Minority Discourses in Germany since 1990"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelGSA 2016 Panel: Minorities and Minority Discourses in Germany since 1990
BeschreibungGerman Studies Association
September 29-October 2, 2016
San Diego, CA

Call for Papers: Minorities and Minority Discourses in Germany since 1990 (sponsored by the GSA interdisciplinary network Black European Diaspora Studies)

In her poem blues in schwarz weiss (1990) May Ayim writes “das wieder vereinigte deutschland feiert sich wieder 1990 ohne immigrantInnen flüchtlinge jüdische und schwarze menschen.” In this poem Ayim forges a collective “we” out of immigrants, refugees, Jewish and black people, united in their experience of exclusion, here in the context of German-German unification. Taking Ayim's poem as its departure, this panel seeks to address and explore the following questions: What are possible intersections (and divergences) between Black German, Turkish German and Jewish German experiences and aesthetic interventions into German public and political discourses on memory, racism, citizenship, immigration, and history? How do collaborations between artists from various backgrounds like Esther Dischereit’s and DJ Ipek’s multimedial bilingual performance of Blumen für Otello (2014), the anthologies Talking Home (1999) and aus dem Inneren der Sprache (1995), the repertoire of the Ballhaus Naunynstraße, the rap songs by Advanced Chemistry and projects of the transethnic activist network Kanak Attack reveal, emphasize and/or communicate similarities, differences, and overlap in their cultural, social, and political positioning? The aim of this panel is to bring together scholars from various fields and disciplines working on minorities in the German context to collaboratively examine conceptual overlap and methodological approaches pertinent to our research.

The Black European Diaspora Studies Network is a newly established network at the GSA. During the next three years, the Network seeks to present opportunities for the inclusion of comparative approaches, allowing connections to be made between Black German, Jewish German, Asian German, and Turkish German studies as well as other analogous diasporic groups living in German-speaking communities across Europe. With the organization of diverse panels, the Network also strives to increase the visibility of Black diasporic history and culture and the cultural production of Black diasporic subjects within the broader academic discipline of German, Swiss, and Austrian Studies. It will also explore the complexities of the Black Diaspora within European borders and transnational contexts.

Please submit a 250 word abstract and a short bio by February 1st, 2016 to both organizers: Priscilla Layne, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ( and Ela Gezen, University of Massachusetts Amherst (
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VeranstaltungsortSan Diego
LandVereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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