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Ergebnisanzeige "Into the Darkness - 1st Annual Pan-European Studies Graduate Conference at the University of Virginia"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelInto the Darkness - 1st Annual Pan-European Studies Graduate Conference at the University of Virginia
BeschreibungWhile light is associated with normalcy, reason, and the order of the day, darkness means something else: marginality, irrationality, activities and discourses beyond the scope of the mainstream. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

• Mortality and illness: death, madness, disease
• Darkness in the natural world: night, sky, shadows
• Darkness in history: war, famine, devastation, crime
• The Occult: the supernatural, witches, vampires, demons
• Dark spaces: the abyss, caverns, closets, catacombs
• Darkness in the arts: ink and the blank page, darkroom and photography, noir, Gothic, Romantic interiority, anti-Enlightenment
• Scientific darkness: dark matter, black holes, deep space, dark side of the moon
• Spiritual darkness: blasphemy, sin, apocalypse
• The subconscious: phobias, dreams, nightmares

We welcome abstracts from all disciplines relating to the theme. While this specific title may not correlate perfectly with your particular research interests, we hope it offers an opportunity for broad interpretation. Submissions should be sent in Microsoft Word format and be no more than 250 words. Please include your name, phone number, and departmental affiliation in your email, as well as a short academic bio. Abstracts must be written in English, but papers in other languages will be accepted for presentation as long as there are three or more papers to be presented in that same language. If this condition is not met, participants will be given the opportunity to present the paper translated into English.

Submit abstracts by January 7, 2016 to

Quelle der BeschreibungInformation des Anbieters
PersonName: Pisechko, Danielle 
Funktion: Veranstalterin 
KontaktdatenName/Institution: Danielle Pisechko/Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures 
Strasse/Postfach: P.O. Box 400125 
Postleitzahl: 22904-4125 
Stadt: Charlottesville 
Telefon: 267-241-2936 
LandVereinigte Staaten von Amerika
SchlüsselbegriffeLinguistik; Kognitive Linguistik (Metapherntheorie, Prototypentheorie, Konzeptualisierung); Neurolinguistik/ Patholinguistik; Soziolinguistik (Varietätenlinguistik, div. Lekte, Register, Code); Sprache in den Medien / Medienwissenschaft (Sprache in Massenmedien, Internet und Hypertext, Medienentwicklung); Sprache und Gesellschaft (Diskursanalyse, Ethnographie, Sprachkritik, Sprachplanung, Sprachpolitik); Literaturwissenschaft; Genderforschung; Literaturpsychologie; Literatursoziologie
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