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Ergebnisanzeige "Between utopia and dystopia: visions of Germany (Graduate Student Conference)"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelBetween utopia and dystopia: visions of Germany (Graduate Student Conference)
Beschreibung2016 Germanic Graduate Student Association Conference
At The Ohio State University

Coined by Sir Thomas More in 1516, the word “utopia” — an amalgam of the ancient Greek οὐ (not), τόπος (place) and the classical Latin suffix –ia — describes, in its eponymous work, an imaginary island with a perfect social, legal, and political system. Despite the island’s perfection, More’s work leaves open the question of whether this non-place is truly ideal.

How is Germany’s identity imagined, both from inside and outside its borders, as a utopia or as its negation, a dystopia? At the same time, how does the notion of utopia help us understand German writers’ and artists’ visions of places beyond their country’s borders? The questionable aspects of utopia may also become visible in cultural contact, contact that prompts alterations of experiences, practices, and worldviews.

Theories of utopia have not been limited to politics, but incorporate ecological, economic, religious, and philosophical discourses. At our conference, we seek to gather perspectives from various fields of study to investigate the possibilities, limitations, and implications that arise when conceptualizing an ideal world. We therefore welcome presentations concerning:

• (Anti-)fascist views of Germany
o Totalitarianism
o Futurism
• Contemporary issues of the German political state
o Surveillance / privacy concerns
o Immigrants / Refugees
• German – Soviet Relations
• Science fiction
• Schlaraffenland
• Postcoloniality
• Topics in Race, Gender, and Ethnicity Studies
• Identity Studies
• Religious conceptions of Heaven/Valhalla and Armageddon/Ragnarök
• Cosmography
• Identity Studies
• Other relevant topics

Please submit an abstract of 250-300 words to Bill Baker ( by November 30th, 2015. The conference will take place on February 26-27, 2016. Expected presentation length will be 20 minutes. Presentations in English or German are welcome.
Quelle der BeschreibungInformation des Anbieters
VeranstaltungsortColumbus, Ohio
PersonName: Bill Baker 
KontaktdatenName/Institution: Germanic Graduate Student Association at The Ohio State University 
Strasse/Postfach: 498 Hagerty Hall, 1775 College Rd. South 
Postleitzahl: 43210 
Stadt: Columbus, Ohio 
LandVereinigte Staaten von Amerika
SchlüsselbegriffeLiteraturwissenschaft; Erzähltheorie; Genderforschung; Geschichte der Germanistik; Historische Semantik (Wissensgeschichte, Mentalitätsgeschichte, Ideengeschichte); Komparatistik (Kulturvergleich, Interkulturelle Literaturwissenschaft); Literatur 700 - 1150; Literatur 1150 - 1300; Literatur 1300 - 1500; Literatur 1500 - 1580; Literatur 1580 - 1700; Literatur 1700 - 1770; Literatur 1770 - 1830; Literatur 1830 - 1880; Literatur 1880 - 1945; Literatur nach 1945; Literatur- u. Kulturgeschichte; Literatursoziologie; Literaturtheorie: Themen; Motiv- u. Stoffgeschichte
Zusätzliches SuchwortUtopie, Dystopie, Endzeit, Teleologie
Klassifikation01.00.00 Allgemeine deutsche Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft > 01.03.00 Germanistik; 01.00.00 Allgemeine deutsche Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft > 01.07.00 Germanistik im Ausland; 03.00.00 Literaturwissenschaft; 03.00.00 Literaturwissenschaft > 03.03.00 Studien; 03.00.00 Literaturwissenschaft > 03.06.00 Literaturtheorie; 03.00.00 Literaturwissenschaft > 03.12.00 Interpretation. Hermeneutik; 03.00.00 Literaturwissenschaft > 03.14.00 Literatursoziologie; 04.00.00 Allgemeine Literaturgeschichte; 05.00.00 Deutsche Literaturgeschichte
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