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Ergebnisanzeige "Metaphors and other ways we choose by. A workshop in the study of metaphors in ancient and medieval texts"
RessourcentypKonferenzen, Tagungen, Kolloquien
TitelMetaphors and other ways we choose by. A workshop in the study of metaphors in ancient and medieval texts
BeschreibungMetaphors and other ways we choose by. A workshop in the study of metaphors in ancient and medieval texts (November 6-7, 2015)

For participation please send us an email till October 31st 2015 (see below)

The title of the workshop isn’t merely a wordplay concerning Lakoff and Johnson’s influential book “Metaphors we live by”. It also concerns modi of choice; the results of the processes of decision making as well as the intricate links regarding metaphorical or non-metaphorical ways we choose (by) in ancient and medieval texts.
Metaphors are chosen. Literary texts, ancient or modern still reflect the outcome of such choices, but choice in itself may also be presented via metaphors. In the frame of literary theory, this workshop would like to investigate ancient and medieval texts and their literary methods (μέθ-ὁδος) such as metaphors, personifications and other ways.
For example, a plentitude of forces can be traced in the letter of Paul to the Romans. His language is permeated with the use of metaphors and images of dominion. The body is set as a space in which these forces of dominion thrive. Forces such as Sin, Law and Death are personified and the reader is urged to choose life under the regiment of metaphorically expressed counter forces such as Favour and Life.
Life and death also often feature in the Two-Ways-Metaphor, which can be commonly traced in early Christian texts, but also in other contexts through the lens of time. The Two-Ways-Metaphor illustrates from a spatial perspective a choice between two opposite directions in relation to life’s conduct. This does not only concern the description of alternative ways, but also the question in so much as to how can freedom of choice in life’s existential decisions be viewed if the alternatives are predetermined.
This brings us to the question of how autonomy in the decision making process is reflected since ancient times. It may be frequently observed in literature that a higher power, e.g. a god functions as an explanation for the actions of the protagonists resulting from difficult choices. This can be observed paradigmatically in the medieval discourse of love with regards to the poetics of persuasive personifications as Venus and Amor.


Friday, 6 November

15:00 Opening

15:30 Annette Potgieter: A Metaphor to Die for: Death’s Kingship in Rom 5

16:15 Klaus Haacker: Bemerkungen zu metaphorischen Redeweisen in Rom 5-8

17:15 Hi-Cheong Lee: „Ἀρέσκει μοι … ταύτῃ τῇ ὁδῷ πορεύεσθαι“ (Herm(m) 6.1.5) – Wegeswahl im Hirt des Hermas

18:00 David Hellholm: Narrative Patterns underlying the Macro-Structure of Apocalypses with Other-Worldly Journeys

18:45 Dinner

Saturday, 7 November

10:00 Darko Anev: Räumlichkeit und Rettung nach Johannes (Projektvorstellung)

10:15 Sebastian Zerhoch: Die Libation als räumliche Metapher in der griechischen Literatur der klassischen Zeit (Projektvorstellung)

10:45 Laura Gemsemer: Von Amor besessen und von Venus überredet. „Infinite scuse“ in Boccaccios Elegia di Madonna Fiammetta

11:30 Igor Candido: Love’s Metaphors Lost? Boccaccio’s Fiammetta and the Birth of the Psychological Novel

Lunch Break

13:15 Chiara Ferella: Paths of Wisdom: Some pre-Socratic Metaphors to Choose the Truth and a Better Life

14:00 Fabian Horn: The Conceptualization LIFE IS A JOURNEY in Early Greek Poetry and Thought

14:45 Final Discussion

15:15 C-2 Planning Session

For more information see:


Topoi Building Mitte
Room 1.03
Hannoversche Straße 6
10115 Berlin

If you like to participate please send us an email till 31.10.15!

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PersonName: Hi-Cheong Lee, Annette Potgieter, Laura Gemsemer 
Funktion: Doctoral fellows 
KontaktdatenName/Institution: Excellence Cluster Topoi, Research Group: C-2 "Space and Metaphor in cognition, language, and texts" 
Strasse/Postfach: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Topoi Building Mitte, Hannoversche Straße 6 
Postleitzahl: 10115  
Stadt: Berlin 
Telefon: +49 30 2093-99073 
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SchlüsselbegriffeKognitive Linguistik (Metapherntheorie, Prototypentheorie, Konzeptualisierung); Stilistik / Rhetorik (inkl. Argumentationstheorie, Stilbegriff, Persuasionstheorie, politische Sprache, Werbesprache); Literaturwissenschaft; Komparatistik (Kulturvergleich, Interkulturelle Literaturwissenschaft); Literatur 1300 - 1500
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