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Ergebnisanzeige ""10plus1: Living Linguistics“: First Issue "Media Linguistics“ Released"
RessourcentypInhalte von Fachzeitschriften
Titel"10plus1: Living Linguistics“: First Issue "Media Linguistics“ Released
Beschreibung"10plus1: Living Linguistics" is a journal presenting peer-reviewed innovative research in the broader field of applied linguistics not only in established journal articles but also in unconventional, creative and entertaining forms such as brainstorming, 3-min-talk, thinking about..., or infographic. It offers a creative academic space which explicitly welcomes contributions not only from established but also from junior researches and invites feedback in comment sections for each contribution.

The first issue “Media Linguistics” is now available on It contains the following contributions:

Generating and Exchanging Knowledge: Rethinking Current Practices in Linguistics.
(Editorial | J. Pflaeging & P. Schildhauer |pp. 1-8)

Media Linguistics: On Mediality and Culturality.
(Opener | M. Luginbühl | pp. 9-26)

Prohibition Signage in Public Places: On the Functional Organization of Different Media, Communication Forms and Text Types.
(Interactive Webgraphic | C. Domke | no pag.)

From „heroes working in the public interest“ to „guerriglieri del web“: The Role of Culture in British, Italian and German Editorials Addressing the NSA Scandal.
(Journal Article | M. Kerschner | pp. 27-48)

MediaCultureLinguistic Perspectives on Social TV: Questions and Desiderata of Analysing TV-Appropriation in Social Media.
(…Is Thinking About… | M. Klemm & S. Michel | pp. 49-56)

From Frequency to Sequence: How Quantitative Methods can Inform Qualitative Analysis of Digital Media Discourse.
(Journal Article and Infographic | M. Dang-Anh & J.-O. Rüdiger | pp. 57-73)

Introduction to Tools and Methods for the Analysis of Twitter Data.
(Journal Article | M. Burghardt | pp. 74-91)

The Functions of Emoticons and Pictograms in Instant Messengers.
(Journal Article | Student Paper | L. Hinz | pp. 92-103)

Unboxing: Relevant to Media Linguistics?
(3-Minute-Talk, Video & Script | K. Kerschensteiner | pp. 104-105)

Talk Digitally: Communication Models Applied to Multimedia Platforms and Networks within the Social Web.
(…Is Thinking About… | Student Paper | C. Allner | pp. 106-112)

How Semiotic Modes Work Together in Multimodal Texts: Defining and Representing Intermodal Relations.
(Journal Article | M. Siefkes | pp. 113-131)

Graphic Reading: Text Visualization by Means of Information Design.
(Journal Article & Infographics | F. Kilchör | pp. 132-155)

'Things that Matter, Pass them on': ListSite as Viral Online Genre.
(Journal Article | J. Pflaeging | pp. 156-181)

Blogging Our Way to Digital Literacies? A Critical View on Blogging in Foreign Language Classrooms.
(…Is Thinking About… | P. Schildhauer | pp. 182-195)

We hope that you enjoy reading, watching, listening to the journal just as much as we enjoyed editing it.

The Editors,
Jana Pflaeging & Peter Schildhauer

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PersonName: Jana Pflaeging & Peter Schildhauer 
Funktion: Editor-in-Chief 
KontaktdatenName/Institution: Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Institut für Anglistik 
Strasse/Postfach: Adam-Kuckhoff-Straße 35 
Postleitzahl: 06108 
Stadt: Halle 
SchlüsselbegriffeSemiotik (Text und Bild); Sprachdidaktik (Schuldidaktik, Erwachsenenbildung, Konzepte sprachlicher Bildung); Sprache in den Medien / Medienwissenschaft (Sprache in Massenmedien, Internet und Hypertext, Medienentwicklung); Textlinguistik (Textbegriff, Textgrammatik, Textsorten, Hypertexte, Textsortengeschichte)
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