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TitelVolkswagenstiftung: Fellowships for Outstanding Junior Researchers (Post-Docs)
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Fellowships for Outstanding Junior Researchers (Post-Docs) of all Disciplines and Topics

Institution Type: Nonprofit
Location: Germany
Position: Administrator, Fellow, Post-Doctoral Fellow

The German Volkswagen Foundation is a completely independent non-profit foundation established under private law. With an annual funding volume of around 150 million euros it is among the country‘s largest foundations, and it i s the largest private science funding foundation in Germany.

Within its funding initiative ‘Freigeist’ Fellowships the VolkswagenFoundation is seeking for

10 - 15 outstanding Junior Researchers (Post-Docs) of all disciplines and topics

with unique ideas and convincing personalities.

The ‘Freigeist’ Fellowship:

pro­vides you with a reliable five-year timeline during which you are free to carry out highly innovative risk-taking research in projects located at the boundaries of established fields of research.
includes, in addition to your own position (usually “TV-L 14”, German salary scale), family-related benefits for parents, positions for scientific personnel (e. g. doctoral students, postdocs) as well as non-personnel costs (e. g. consumables, travel expenses, equipment); Research stays abroad for up to two years can also be integrated into the fellowship;
incorporates the possibility to apply for additional components during the funding period to ensure a high degree of flexibility;
provides funding of up to one million Euro for the first five years.

Your qualifications:

Any candidate can apply who identifies with the goals of a ‘Freigeist’ Fellowship and conforms to the following conditions:

You hold excellent academic qualifications, have published articles or monographs and you pursue a creative, innovative and visionary idea.
You wish to work independently and in an interdisciplinary field.
You pursue an extraordinary perspective or new methodological approaches.
You are able to react constructively to potential risks.
The doctorate must have been obtained not longer than five years previously.
The Fellowship must from the outset be inte­grated within a university or an extra-mural research institution in Germany.
Candidates must already have changed their academic environment and moved to a new location—or do this at the latest when starting the Fellowship.
Candidates need to have international experience—or include a research sojourn abroad in the proposed project.
Applications must be submitted by: 15 October 2015.

We highly recommend that you consult the respective information for applicants published on our website for further details:

Dr. des. Johanna Brumberg
Program Director

Primary Category: None
Secondary Categories: Humanities
Social Sciences
Posting Date: 07/30/2015
Closing Date 10/15/2015
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