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Ergebnisanzeige "Witnessing Trauma: The Ethos and Pathos of Eyewitness Accounts"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelWitnessing Trauma: The Ethos and Pathos of Eyewitness Accounts
BeschreibungWitnessing Trauma: The Ethos and Pathos of Eyewitness Accounts

Victor Klemperer’s resolute exclamation “I will bear witness” stands at the beginning of his personal account of Nazi persecution and war experiences, opening before us a world of unspeakable horrors. This need to bear witness and the urgency of doing so was echoed by Paul Celan: “No one bears witness for the witness.” To understand the atrocities and traumas of the past, eyewitness accounts are vital. Our reliance on such accounts, each imbued with their own ethos and pathos, and the inscribed trauma makes us reluctant to question their authenticity. Yet, it is trauma itself that may affect eyewitnessing. Fractured memories become enmeshed with stereotypical motifs and fictional elements. Distance, time, and memory play a crucial role in testimonials.

This seminar is accepting papers that address the nature of eyewitness accounts of traumatic experiences, and also explores the question of authenticity without dismissing such testimonials. Papers should explore how distance, time, and memory affect eyewitness accounts and examine the ethos and pathos of the eyewitness.

Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Dr. Cindy Renker and Dr. Christoph Weber


Deadline: 23.09.2015
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VeranstaltungsortCambridge, MA
PersonName: Dr. Cindy Renker and Dr. Christoph Weber 
Funktion: Co-Organizers 
E-Mail: cindy.renker; 
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