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Ergebnisanzeige "ACLA 2016: The Great War and World Literature"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelACLA 2016: The Great War and World Literature

"The Great War and World Literature"
Seminar at the Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, March 17-20, 2016

Organizers: Anna Guillemin; Patrick Fortmann (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Great wars spawn world literature. For all the destruction, mayhem, and trauma, they also entangle the peoples enlisted to fight them. At least this is what Johann Wolfgang Goethe in one of his various pronouncements on Weltliteratur suggested. Reflecting on the condition of Napoleonic Europe, he observed that literature follows on the heels of violence, eventually replacing the exchange of hostilities with that of amicable interest. At the time of the Great War a century later, Goethe’s humanistic assertion would be grimly put to the test. For four long, bloodstained years, trenches created by a new kind of warfare not only scarred the European continent but also cut deep into evolving literary networks and interlocking systems. The seminar seeks to explore the ruptures in the history and evolution of world literature caused by war on a global scale. It particularly welcomes proposals addressing one or more of the following questions: How did literary agents, institutions, markets, and practices respond to the world fracturing along military, political, economical, and intellectual fault lines? Which efforts were required to create belligerent division, forcefully asserting national hegemony over multiethnic and multilingual conditions and thus dissecting the legacy of humanism? How did the war and its technologies of armament impact language and literary forms of the warring parties? Which impulses to reconcile and to mediate, on the other hand, were spurred in the aftermath, including new approaches to world literature, new genres (the trench novel), and new rhetorical registers (sobriety) responding to “the great seminal catastrophe” of the twentieth century?

For more information and for submitting a paper proposal (250–500 words), please visit:
Paper proposals may be submitted between 9/1/15 and 9/23/15.
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VeranstaltungsortCambridge, Mass.
PersonName: Patrick Fortmann 
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