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Ergebnisanzeige "ICLA 2016 - Panel "Emotion Metaphors and Literary Texts""
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelICLA 2016 - Panel "Emotion Metaphors and Literary Texts"
BeschreibungICLA Group Section 17337 - Emotion Metaphors and Literary Texts
International Association of Comparative Literature, XXIst Congress, July 21 – July 27, 2016

We know through Hans Blumenberg and the various branches of cognitive linguistics that metaphors have the epistemological as well as cognitive function of making abstract phenomena intelligible. That includes emotions and other affective phenomena. However, the corpus linguistic studies of scholars such as Mark Johnson, Raymond Gibbs, and Zoltán Kövecses are usually based on every day language and thus suggest that basic emotion metaphors are timeless and universal. Literary texts, on the other hand, often encode a historically specific intelligence about emotions by means of their figurative language. This session invites case studies that investigate the various metaphorical source domains and conceptual blends used to represent particular emotions in particular literary texts. The contributions might address the following theoretical issues:

What distinguishes literary emotion metaphors from the basic metaphors we use in our every day language?

How do literary emotion metaphors interact with other poetic as well as rhetorical features of the text (syntax, prosody, etc.) in order to represent emotions, moods, or atmospheres?

What do literary emotion metaphors 'know' and imply about the the nature and function of emotions? Do they confirm or contradict theoretical assumptions prevalent in their period?

What is the affective impact of literary emotion metaphors and how, if at all, can it be described?

Abstracts should not exceed 300 words and should be submitted directly to the ICLA website using the online submission form: Acceptance notices are due Dec 31, 2016. For questions please contact:

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PersonName: Kathrin Bethke 
Funktion: Session Organizer 
KontaktdatenName/Institution: Universität Wien 
Strasse/Postfach: Universitätsring 1 
Postleitzahl: A-1010 
Stadt: Wien 
Telefon: +43 1 4277 17677 
SchlüsselbegriffeLinguistik; Kognitive Linguistik (Metapherntheorie, Prototypentheorie, Konzeptualisierung); Stilistik / Rhetorik (inkl. Argumentationstheorie, Stilbegriff, Persuasionstheorie, politische Sprache, Werbesprache); Komparatistik (Kulturvergleich, Interkulturelle Literaturwissenschaft); Literatur 1500 - 1580; Literatur 1580 - 1700; Literatur 1700 - 1770; Literatur 1770 - 1830; Literatur 1830 - 1880; Literatur 1880 - 1945; Literatur nach 1945; Literaturtheorie: Themen; Rhetorik
Klassifikation03.00.00 Literaturwissenschaft; 03.00.00 Literaturwissenschaft > 03.06.00 Literaturtheorie; 03.00.00 Literaturwissenschaft > 03.08.00 Poetik; 03.00.00 Literaturwissenschaft > 03.10.00 Stilistik. Rhetorik
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