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Ergebnisanzeige "ICLA 2016: Pluriculturalism and Plurilingualism as Paradigm of Cultural Encounter"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelICLA 2016: Pluriculturalism and Plurilingualism as Paradigm of Cultural Encounter
BeschreibungRecent researches on language and culture turn the view to the importance of language in defining culture and identity especially in the understanding of similarities and heterogeneities by crossing cultural borders that is mostly affected by migration and cross-border motions. Regarding current theories that shift the view to plurality of identity and language, the contemporary German culture demonstrates that topics such identity, Heimat and language are not issues limited to the Otherness and Foreignness as categories, but rather than specific topics that confront every society in today’s period of globalization and mobilization.

In light of this observation, the panel Pluriculturalism and Plurilingualism as Paradigm of Cultural Encounter should examine the relationship between language, identity and culture on the one hand, and the literary reflection on those topics on the other. Textual and filmic materials represent cultural encounters and relations through narrative strategies, which create the poetical space of encounters between Self and Other without putting them as opposite, i.e. identity versus alterity. The relationship between Self and Other can be described by the narratological term of positioning. Based on this narratological approach, the panel should demonstrate that the plurilingual and pluricultural figure in literature and film does not necessarily represent a figure of foreigner, but a ›new actor‹ in German culture within the process of cultural transformation.

In studies of contemporary German literature, foreignness and migration has been often merged together and show as result that “Migrationsliteratur” – for instance – is not an integral part of German literature, but just a more or less superfluous addendum to it. This understanding results in the exclusion of migrants in the German culture and leads to the idea that migrants do not represent the German culture but only reside in its “external spaces”. When we understand literature as a space that reflects experiences of the life in different contexts and epochs, then we can view literature about migration as a reflection on one of the current cultural experiences common to many different groups. It is a specific metaphor that verbalizes those experiences in a cultural created context.

Papers that deal with those topics in an intercultural context, or are able to problematize cultural challenges of today’s Germany and their reflections in German contemporary literature are mostly welcome. Proposals can be in English or in German. Depending of the proposals, the language of the panel can be English or/and German. Possible subject areas can be language and culture, language and identity, cultural images and their representation through language, multilingualism as traditional and as contemporary phenomenon of culture, multilingualism as a chance/risk, language and cross-cultural challenges.

The panel will be hold at the 21st World Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association (July 21st to 27th, 2016) in Vienna. Proposals for this panel (not longer than 2000 characters incl. spaces) must be submitted directly via the official submission form to be found on the conference website:

Deadline for submission of proposals is August 31, 2015. Participants will be informed no later than December 31, 2015. Please note that the ICLA 2016 cannot cover any travelling and accommodation costs. Neither is it possible to waive conference fees - thank you for your understanding.

Link to the FAQ on the ICLA 2016 website:
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PersonName: Hamid Tafazoli 
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