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Ergebnisanzeige "ICLA 2016: Poetics of Code"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelICLA 2016: Poetics of Code
BeschreibungICLA 2016: Poetics of Code

Organizer: Niebisch, Arndt (Institut für Germanistik, Wien, Austria)

This panel aims at exploring the aesthetics of code in a historical perspective. Code, cryptographic technologies and literature constituted (from magical spells to contemporary code poetry) a complex field of interaction that constantly challenged and transformed modes of reading. The contributions to this panel will display the particular practices that conflate the production of code and literature. Historically, we will reflect on the creation of symbolic entropy through the ars combinatoria in the baroque, the use of cryptography by authors such as Heinrich von Kleist and E.A. Poe, the integration of formulaic writing in the avant-garde and neo avant-garde, and the adaption of computer code in the 20th  century and 21th century in poetic language.

A major question of our investigation will focus on the fact that code has a unique performative function, which becomes especially apparent in computer programs that are not made to be read but to be executed. We will ask if the use of code in poetry implements a quality that transforms the reading process into something that could be described as a compilation or execution of code -- a transformation of the reading process into a complex form of data processing.

In addition, the panel will also ask if there is a certain specific style of code, which also can be connected to contemporary discussions about writing “good” code. This discussion will open up the question of the philological implications that go along with the integration of code. Especially in present discourses about computer code, the necessity of commenting computer programs transforms the use of code into a philology of code itself.

The dominance of information technology, the rich history of blending literary texts and cryptographic techniques, and the self-reflexive forms of commenting in computer programming allude to philological practices that make it apparent that code should be included among the languages of comparative literature. Code is thereby not only an additional idiom, but a practice of writing that by its very nature demands interpretation , i.e. a practice that constitutes at its core a philological and not only technological mode of intervention .

Submission Deadline for Abstracts: 31. August 2015

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PersonName: Arndt Niebisch 
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KontaktdatenName/Institution: Universität Wien Institut für Germanistik 
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Stadt: Wien 
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