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Ergebnisanzeige "Interplay: A Journal of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature"
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TitelInterplay: A Journal of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature
BeschreibungBeiträge auf Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch und Spanisch willkommen!

Interplay: A Journal of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature

*Call for Papers:* We are a newly established journal (ISSN 2409-9481)
published by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at Tunghai
University. We are seeking original submissions examining any/all aspects
of the study of languages, linguistics, and literature, for inclusion in
the second issue of the journal. We also welcome scholarly work treating
any of these subject areas from an interdisciplinary perspective.
Submissions may be in English, French, German or Spanish. Interested
scholars should send an abstract of approximately 300 words, detailing
their proposed contribution and area(s) of interest, with a list of 5
keywords. We request articles of 5000 to 7000 words, written in standard
MLA format, double spaced, using 12 pt Times New Roman font. Deadline for
abstract submissions is May 15, 2015. Deadline for submission of final
papers is August 15, 2015. We will acknowledge the receiving of all
abstract submissions; notice of final acceptance for papers will be June
15, 2015.

Please send all enquiries, as well as submissions, to both editors:

*Call URL:*

Manfred Sablotny
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
Tunghai University
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