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Ergebnisanzeige "Orientalism, 30 Years Later"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelOrientalism, 30 Years Later
BeschreibungOrientalism, 30 Years Later

A one-day symposium at the University of York
Saturday 1 November 2008

This symposium commemorates the thirtieth anniversary of the publication of Edward Said’s Orientalism. Said’s most influential and controversial work has inspired countless appropriations and rebuttals from scholars around the globe, and it continues to shape the ways in which literary studies, Middle East studies, East and South Asian studies, anthropology, history, politics, and related disciplines are conceptualised and practised. The symposium will address the reasons for the book’s reception and lasting significance, as well as its relevance for contemporary scholarship. The date of the symposium would have been Said’s 73rd birthday.

We invite proposals addressing any aspect of Orientalism’s legacy. Topics might include:

Where and how do we situate Orientalism in the Said canon? (in relation to secular criticism, humanism, etc.)
The intellectual genealogies of Orientalism : e.g., is the Foucault of Orientalism and Beginnings the same as the Foucault of The History of Sexuality? What is the place of Vico in Orientalism and The World, the Text and the Critic?
What has the impact of Orientalism been on the Israel/Palestine conflict?
The reception of Orientalism in the Orient and in Africa.
How useful is Orientalism for the study of orientalism before 1800?
Orientalism and Edward Said’s returns to philology.
Orientalism and other –isms (racism, feminism, Marxism, etc.)
Orientalism and the Anglo-American academy: its influence on postcolonial studies, ideas of identity and otherness, etc.

Titles and abstracts of 250 words should be sent electronically, along with a 50-word biography, by 1 September 2008 to Anna Bernard ( and Ziad Elmarsafy (

David Attwell ( )
Anna Bernard (
Ziad Elmarsafy (

Department of English and Related Literatures
University of York
Heslington, YO10 5DD
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