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Ergebnisanzeige "MLA Convention 2016: Panel-Sections"
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TitelMLA Convention 2016: Panel-Sections

Forum: 18th- and 19th-Century German Literature

Natural Science and Literature in the German Long 18th Century.

The panel invites contributions that revisit the confluence of science and literature in the age of Goethe. Papers should examine literary devices informing the natural sciences (such as anatomy, brain science, physiology, empirical psychology) or instances where the language of science enters literary and philosophical production.

Please send 250-word abstracts by March 1 to and

Forum: 18th- and 19th-Century German Literature

Posthumanism in the Era of Humanism: Concepts of the Human in the German Long 18th Century.

Whether we think of technology in terms of devices or media, the intersection between technology and humans is not restricted to the late 20th and early 21st centuries—nor is the expansion of the concept of the human. In this regard, the prefix “post” in posthumanism is deceiving, suggesting succession and separation at the expense of a recognition of simultaneity and dependence between related developments. The panel invites contributions that return to the era of humanism to explore intersections between humans and technology, humans and animals, humans and machines, humans and their environments, or other instances that challenge the boundaries and centrality of the human subject. In addition to investigating features of posthumanism within the era of humanism, papers may also reflect on the humanism of contemporary posthumanist theories. Please send 250-word abstracts by March 1 to and

Controlling the Body: Legal, Medical, and Social Discourses/ Representations/ Meaning Making (Sonja Klocke, Erika Berroth)

MLA Session sponsored by the Coalition of Women in German. January 7-10, 2016, Austin, Texas.

This panel invites contributions engaging interdisciplinary approaches to critical appreciations of narratives of health and illness related to medical and legal discourses. We are interested in papers that address how categories of differences and diversity, such as race, gender, culture, ability, age, among others, are represented in German language texts and films that integrate literary/filmic, legal, and medical perspectives.
Possible topics could include
• Literature/Film as Medicine - the Medicine of Words and Images
• Illness/Disease Narratives
• Legal and Medical Imagination: Intersections of Law and Medicine in Literature and Film
• Cultivating Humanity in the Anthropocene: What does it mean to be human in literary/legal/medical discourses?
• Affect and Story Telling: Narrative Law, Narrative Medicine
• Cognition: Meaning making through legal/medical/literary narratives
• Ethics: Bioethics, legal ethics, narrative ethics in texts of the body
• Pedagogy: Stories of Doctoring, Lawyering in Literature, Film, Visual Art in teaching Cultures, Ethics, Compassion, Interdependence, Connectedness, Narrative Imagination, Shared Spaces of Suffering or Healing, Imaginative Labor, Moving Images, Moving Words.

Please submit a 250-word abstract and a short biographical note by Friday, March 27, 2015 to Erika Berroth ( and Sonja Klocke ( Please include your name, institutional affiliation, email address, and any audio-visual requirements for the presentation. Please note that participants must have current MLA membership by April 7, 2015.

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