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Ergebnisanzeige "GSA-Panel: "Literature and Architecture, 1890-1933""
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelGSA-Panel: "Literature and Architecture, 1890-1933"
BeschreibungCall for Papers
German Studies Association annual conference
Washington, D. C., October 1-4, 2015

Topic: “Literature and Architecture, 1890-1933”

Between 1890 and 1933, Berlin and Vienna became predominant sites of architectural experimentation. As architects, together with private and public developers, realized their visions of what modern buildings should look like, the topographies of these cities underwent dramatic changes. While stately Gründerzeit facades still sported rich decorations, the Deutsche Werkbund postulated the end of historicism, and Adolf Loos famously announced, “the lower the culture, the more apparent the ornament.” During the interwar period, ambitious housing estates were built to replace the old tenement structures. Other projects, such as Bruno Taut’s “Alpine Architecture,” were never realized. In the realm of cultural criticism, Hermann Bahr was eager to dismiss Vienna’s neo-classicist Ringstraße. Calling for the return to what he claimed was an authentic Austrian architectural style, he championed the relative modesty of the Linz townhouse.

How do literary texts between 1890 and 1933 capture, evaluate, or critique architectural experience? How do authors such as Fontane, Mann, Musil, or Broch interrogate built environments and engage with contemporary architectural fashions and theories? While the representation of urban reality in literature and film has long been a productive field of research, scholarship on the rendition of modernist architectural discourses in German literature has remained scarce. For the 2015 GSA conference, we therefore invite proposals for papers addressing this intersection.

Topics may include the symbolic functions of buildings in literature (restoration scenes, depictions of domestic interior, etc.) as well as the architectural aspects of literary explorations of cities and villages. Papers that approach “Literature and Architecture” through the lens of perception and aesthetics are welcome, as are papers that connect the aesthetics of architecture to politics, class, gender, or consumption. We also encourage readings that explore the sociology of space. These may include reconsiderations of familiar sociological critiques of the modern city (Simmel and Kracauer), but could also draw on more recent theoretical discourses (Harvey and Sennett). Finally, we welcome papers that explore a particular author’s architectural affinities through close readings of his or her fictional works.

The following suggestions are not meant to limit the scope of inquiry:

• Architectural discourses (Loos, Wagner, Le Corbusier) and the novel
• Ornament in literature and architecture (and the lack thereof)
• Literary depictions of ancient and medieval architecture
• ‘Foreign’ or ‘exotic’ architecture in travel literature
• Vernacular modernism in literature and architecture
• Heimatliteratur, country homes, and national architecture
• Moral geographies of urban life
• Bourgeois addictions to dwelling and their subversion
• Architecture, literature and the neighborhood
• Literary representations of gentrification, suburbanization, urban sprawl and related phenomena
• The representation of urban microcosms (tenement buildings, theatres, museums, hotels etc.)
• Urban gardens and parks in architectural discourse and literature
• Architecture and the social question
• Architecture and memory

Please send abstracts (250 words) in either English or German to Thorsten Carstensen, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (, by February 9, 2015.

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