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Ergebnisanzeige "GSA Panel 2015: Shortness, Smallness, Miniatures"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelGSA Panel 2015: Shortness, Smallness, Miniatures
BeschreibungGerman Studies Association annual conference
Washington, D. C., October 1-4, 2015

CFP: "Shortness, Smallness, Miniatures"

Sage Anderson (NYU/Viadrina) & Florian Fuchs (Yale)

This panel is interested in shortness or smallness in literature, philosophy, art history, and film, with a particular focus on German texts and traditions. Since antiquity, the disproportionate expressive capacity of the short and small has been recognized and capitalized upon in rhetorical, scriptural, and artistic spheres, in works ranging from topos and aphorism to proverb, fragment, and portrait. Smallness operates at once on levels of form and content, acting as a constraint while also concentrating and thus intensifying the potential of a given work, determining poetic functions and conceptual oppositions that may extend to context and interpretation.

Initial points of interest, for example, lie in German novellas of the 19th century and innovative short forms of the early 20th century. To some, the 19th-century novella tradition from Goethe to Stifter, Fontane and beyond has suggested that there is a relation between problems of the political whole and the literary or artistic whole, while to others the quality of smallness is rather implied in the generic scarcity of the German realist novel. With respect to the Denkbilder of Walter Benjamin or the Mikrographien of Robert Walser, among others, the proliferation of short, disconnected prose pieces at the turn of the 20th century not only raises questions related to disjunctions in modernity, it also recalls a long literary tradition of using brevity to characterize the passing present.

To expand insight into the short, small, and miniature, we welcome contributions from different periods, genres, disciplines, and media.

Relevant problematics include:
part vs. whole
less as more
memorability and citability
long art vs. short life
self-limitation vs. enthusiasm
fragmentation and acceleration of experience
Ars topica
politics and pragmatics of the small

Please email abstract submissions of no more than 300 words to us by February 6th, 2015.

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