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TitelGermania Remembered 1500 - 2009

Germania Remembered 1500 - 2009

Thursday, 19 - Friday, 20 November 2009

Venue: Stewart House/Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

Co-Ordinators: Dr Christina Lee and Dr Nicola McLelland (University of Nottingham)

Call for Papers

2009 marks the two thousandth anniversary of the Battle of the Teutoburger Wald ('Hermannsschlacht') when 'Hermann' (Arminius) and the Germanic tribe of the Cherusci defeated the Roman forces. This event is widely remembered in post-medieval sources, where it has served as a template for a proud tradition of 'free Germania' for writers and scholars in Germany and beyond. Ever since the rediscovery of sources like Tacitus's Germania in the fifteenth century, not just remembrance of the Teutoburger Wald, but also subsequent rediscoveries and re-creations of the Germanic inheritance have been incorporated into the self-images of Germany and of other countries. Such remembrances and reinventions have taken many different forms, from uncritical praise (as seventeenth-century cultural patriots' praise for the ancient Germanic language), to Romantic medievalism, to biting satire (such as Heine's 'Nordsee' [1825]) and Nazi mythologizing.

The tradition of 'Germania' in German and other literatures and cultures will be explored at a conference in 2009 at the Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, University of London. How is Germania - the peoples, customs and morals, language and literature, of ancient northern Europe - remembered and reinvented from 1500-2009? How do such remembrances and recreations help construct national or transnational identities, in Europe and beyond? We particularly invite comparative approaches, whether exploring continuities and discontinuities over time, or examining similarities and differences between individual writers, between discourse traditions, and/or in different countries.

Plenary papers:

Professor Roberta Frank and Professor Alexander Rehding will present plenary lectures at the conference. Professor Frank has published widely on medievalism, and is Marie Borroff Professor of English at Yale University. Professor Rehding is at the Department of Music at Harvard. His article 'The quest for the origins of music in Germany ca. 1900' was awarded the Jerome Roche Prize of the Royal Musical Association in 2001.

Conference strands:

1. Urtext, Ursprache? The Germanic inheritance in language history and philology
2. Reinventing traditions: The recreated Germanic past in literature and culture
3. Germania Historia: The Germanic past in history and philosophy
4. Stage and Screen: The Germanic past in theatre and film

Submission of Abstracts: Abstracts of 350 words should be emailed (preferably as Word attachments) to both the organizers by 31 JANUARY 2009, indicating under which panel you wish to be considered:

Dr Christina Lee (School of English Studies, University of Nottingham), and Dr Nicola McLelland (School of Modern Languages, University of Nottingham)

The conference is sponsored by the Institute for Medieval Research

University of London School of Advanced Study
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