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Ergebnisanzeige "Schlingensief and the African Opera Village. On Imaginations of Opera and the African Continent "
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelSchlingensief and the African Opera Village. On Imaginations of Opera and the African Continent
Beschreibungdate and venue of the workshop: June 2015, Iwalewahaus, University of Bayreuth

Iwalewahaus, University of Bayreuth invites the participation of scholars and artists in exploring Schlingensief’s vision and the implementation of the African Opera Village (Operndorf Afrika), currently built in Burkina Faso. To understand the idea of the Opera Village, it is crucial to examine Schlingensief’s earlier works on Africa and the operas of Richard Wagner as well as the interconnection of both spheres.
The German director and action artist Christoph Schlingensief is well known in Bayreuth for his staging of Richard Wagner’s Parsifal at four Bayreuth Festivals from 2004 to 2007. Schlingensief’s long-term treatment of Wagner’s music, as well as his fascination with the African continent, is of special interest for the Iwalewahaus and its focus on modern and contemporary art from African countries and the African Diaspora.

For more information about the content of the workshop as well as a list of possible topics for your contribution please visit to find the full call for papers.

We ask for abstracts in English with 300 to 500 words. The abstracts should formulate a clear question or problem and present shortly the structure of the presentation at the workshop.
We especially encourage young academics as well as artists to participate in the workshop and plan to release selected contributions of the workshop as a publication during summer 2016.
We also aim at supporting selected participants with travel and accommodation.
Deadline for the submission of your paper is October 15, 2014. A submission after the 15th is possible (till the end of October at latest) but has to be communicated to the organisers of the workshop via email.
For submitting your paper or further questions on the workshop, please contact:
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PersonName: Lehmann, Fabian  
Funktion: Koordinator 
KontaktdatenName/Institution: Iwalewahaus 
Strasse/Postfach: Wölfelstraße 2 
Postleitzahl: 95444 
Stadt: Bayreuth 
Telefon: 0921/5545 15 
SchlüsselbegriffeSemiotik (Text und Bild); Sprache und Gesellschaft (Diskursanalyse, Ethnographie, Sprachkritik, Sprachplanung, Sprachpolitik); Dramentheorie; Komparatistik (Kulturvergleich, Interkulturelle Literaturwissenschaft); Literatur- u. Kulturgeschichte
Klassifikation02.00.00 Deutsche Sprachwissenschaft (in Auswahl) > 02.10.00 Sprache im 20. Jahrhundert. Gegenwartssprache; 03.00.00 Literaturwissenschaft > 03.12.00 Interpretation. Hermeneutik; 03.00.00 Literaturwissenschaft > 03.15.00 Literatur und Medien; 14.00.00 Romantik; 17.00.00 20. Jahrhundert (1914-1945) > 17.12.00 Dadaismus; 19.00.00 1990 bis zur Gegenwart > 19.03.00 Geistes- und Kulturgeschichte; 19.00.00 1990 bis zur Gegenwart > 19.08.00 Gattungen und Formen > 19.08.02 Drama. Theater
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