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Ergebnisanzeige "Special issue of Intersections. Yearbook for Early Modern Studies"
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TitelSpecial issue of Intersections. Yearbook for Early Modern Studies

Special issue of Intersections. Yearbook for Early Modern Studies, published by Brill (Leiden)

Women Writing Back / Writing Women Back: Transnational Perspectives from the Late Middle Ages to the Dawn of the Modern Era

Interest in the texts and biographies of women writers who wrote before the twentieth century is on the rise. However, familiarity with their works varies greatly from one country to another, and the resources available to assess their historical significance remain insufficient. It is difficult to evaluate their importance because we do not know enough about how these works were received in their own day, particularly within a transnational context. Empirical evidence indeed suggests that women writers who often are no longer well-known today were in some cases read by women and men throughout Europe. Recent studies show that international exchanges took place, creating networks that sometimes extended accross the European continent and even to the New World. Within this process, translations as well as other forms of cultural transmission (patronage, journalism, etc.) played an important role.

Adopting a transnational perspective, a collaborative, database-supported project entitled "New approaches to European Women's Writing" (NEWW) ( and seeks to provide empirical data to answer various questions. What roles did women authors play in their time in shaping the literary field? What kind of audience read their works? How should we assess, within the context of the reception of their works, the strategies these women used to establish their claim to legitimacy? How did their readings of other women writers influence their own development as authors? To complement, use and test the existing database, we invite papers that address the larger (theoretical) issues raised by the NEWW project aim to write a history of European literature from a transnational and gender perspective. We are particularly interested in papers that explore one or several of three interrelated questions:

1. New empirical evidence.

What kinds of sources and/or corpora are of particular relevance in addressing women's authorship within a transnational perspective? How can different types of sources complement and/or contradict each other? How does new empirical data concerning the reception of women writers alter accepted historiographical paradigms?

2. Theoretical reflections.

What was - and is - perceived to be the specificity of women's writing in different historical contexts and periods, and how did perceptions evolve as a function of new historical developments? How, if at all, was female authorship theorized before the modern era? How does data pertaining to the reception of women writers break open national boundaries and/or force us to rethink processes of literary canonization?

3. Intertextual evidence of women reading women.

Can intertextuality be used as a sign pointing to the existence of transnational female literary networks and/or influence? How can we adequately evaluate intertextual evidence of women reading women? What complicating factors should we bear in mind, such as genre specificity, national contexts, and prevailing (national) ideals of womanhood and/or femininity?

The volume will be edited by Anke Gilleir (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Alicia C. Montoya (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), and Suzan van Dijk (Universiteit Utrecht). Proposals, about 500 words, should be sent electronically no later than June 1, 2008 to:

Completed manuscripts, no longer than 7000 words, will be due December 1, 2008.

Alicia C. Montoya
Rosalind Franklin fellow
Department of Romance Languages
University of Groningen
P.O. Box 716
9700 AS Groningen
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)50 3635202


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