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Ergebnisanzeige "2015 Duke German Jewish Studies Workshop"
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Titel2015 Duke German Jewish Studies Workshop
BeschreibungWe would like to share with you some updates about the upcoming Fourth Biennial Duke Workshop in German Jewish Studies, which will take place from Sunday, February 15, 2015 through Tuesday, February 17, 2015 in Durham, NC at the King's Daughters Inn (near the Duke East Campus) and in part on campus.

Update I:
It is our great pleasure to announce that the keynote address of the 2015 workshop will be given by Professor Liliane Weissberg. Her keynote talk will be entitled "From Lessing to Freud: The Parable of the Three Rings.”
Liliane Weissberg is the Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor in the School of Arts & Sciences and Professor of German and Comparative Literature at the University of Pennsylvania. Among her book publications are a critical edition of Hannah Arendt's Rahel Varnhagen: The Life of a Jewess (1997), Cultural Memory and the Construction of Identity (with Dan Ben-Amos, 1999), Romancing the Shadow: Poe and Race (with J. Gerald Kennedy, 2001), Hannah Arendt, Charlie Chaplin und die verborgene jüdische Tradition (2009), Affinität wider Willen? Hannah Arendt, Theodor W. Adorno und die Frankfurter Schule (2011), Über Haschisch und Kabbalah: Gershom Scholem, Siegfried Unseld und das Werk von Walter Benjamin (2012), and Writing with Photography (with Karen Beckman, 2013). Liliane Weissberg has also curated and co-curated art exhibitions, and contributed to various exhibition catalogues. Most recently, she curated the exhibition Juden. Geld. Eine Vorstellung (2012-13) at the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt, and is the editor of its accompanying catalogue.

Update II:
Please note below the new, extended deadline of October 31, 2014 for the submission of paper proposals.

Martha Helfer (
William Donahue (


We welcome 3 kinds of proposals:

1) A 10 minute research briefing on your most recent work in the area of German Jewish Studies. Designed to start conversation early in the project and receive input and commentary.
2) A 15-20 minute “conference” talk that would ideally be presented extemporaneously rather than read. We want to maximize communication, relaxed interaction, and the opportunity for the exchange of ideas.
3) A 15-20 minute “Teach the Book (Article)” session that presents the bare bones of a published book's argument and method followed by Q&A. The idea is not to replace a careful reading of a much longer, nuanced argument but to entice readers into the given topic as well as to provide "outsiders" to the respective subfield an overview of what is going on in that area of scholarship.

Contributions in the area of undergraduate programming, pedagogy, archive resources, and community affairs are welcome.

As in the past, we welcome submissions from advanced graduate students (those at the dissertation stage), and will reserve about five slots for them. These applications require endorsement by the dissertation director, who ideally would attend the conference.

Please send your proposals (not more than 400 words) to our managing editor and workshop coordinator, Mr. Steffen Kaupp, at We can accommodate 35-40 participants. Please make sure to submit your abstract no later than October 31, 2014.

Participants are expected to stay for the entire conference and receive:
- All meals, including continental breakfast, buffet lunches and dinners, and coffee/snack breaks.
- Out-of-town participants who do not reside in the triangle area receive one free night at one of the workshop hotels (the second, and any additional, night is paid by the participant).

We look forward to seeing you at our Fourth Biennial German Jewish Studies Workshop next February. Make sure to check back regularly on our website for updates on the workshop program:
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