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TitelSacred Voices
Sacred Voices

Newcastle, 9.-10.4.2008

The workshop on the topic of 'Sacred Voices' focuses on the interplay of vernacular text production, liturgy and musical culture in Northern Germany, the Netherlands and England in 15-16th century:
The workshop is intended as a starting point, to test how the collaboration between medieval music and literature is going to work, with a special emphasis on new ways of digital editing.
At the same time, this is the opportunity to present to a wider public the database of Medingen manuscripts which was launched at the conference on Medingen last October in Hamburg. Many features of the database ( are freely accessible (introduction, bibliography, list of sigla, short descriptions of the manuscripts and a flash presentation of the main features of the database). Those interested in accessing the password-protected image-files should contact either Andres Laubinger who is responsible for the maintenance of the database ( or Henrike Lähnemann (

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

15.30 Digital Editing

Welcome (Elizabeth ANDERSEN)

Paper 1: Presentation of the Medingen project

Paper 2: Digital Music Edition (DiMusEd) - challenge and chance. The TüBingen project (Stefan MORENT)

Paper 3: Editing the Rostock Songbook (Anna PINSKE)

Thursday, 10 April 2008

10.00 Meditations & Dialogue

Paper 1: Meditation & Drama. Scenes of the Nativity in devotional texts (Elizabeth ANDERSEN)

Paper 2: Body & Soul. Debates in late medieval German manuscripts (Emily RICHARDS)

Paper 3: Dialogue in a Carthusian monastery (Andres LAUBINGER)

Paper 4: Between iubilus and canticum. The role of music in meditations of the Devotio moderna (Ulrike HASCHER-BURGER)

15.00 Liturgy

Paper 1: In search of the Corvey Antiphonar. The liturgy of the Bursfelde Reform (Hartmut MÖLLER)

Paper 2: Service books from late medieval England (Magnus WILLIAMSON)

16.45 Final discussion / Perspectives

Free Attendance
Registration for the meals and the conference papers: please email Andres Laubinger ( )
30 GBP for the full programme (incl. dinner on Wednesday, lunch and reception on Thursday)
15 GBP for Thursday; postgraduate students 10 GBP.

Conference Venue:
School of Modern Languages, , Newcastle University
Beehive 2.20, Old Library Building, NE1 7RU Newcastle upon Tyne
How to find us [Map]

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VeranstaltungsortNewcastle upon Tyne
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Strasse/Postfach:  Old Library Building (Room 6.23) 
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Stadt: Newcastle upon Tyne 
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