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Ergebnisanzeige "1st International NHS Dialogue: Neuroaesthetis and Cognitive Poetics "
RessourcentypKonferenzen, Tagungen, Kolloquien
Titel1st International NHS Dialogue: Neuroaesthetis and Cognitive Poetics
Beschreibung1st International NHS Dialogue: Neuroaesthetis and Cognitive Poetics
University of Catania - Monastero dei Benedettini, Piazza Dante 32, Catania

All the recent discoveries in the field of neuroscience and cognitive science have produced a deep change in methodology, research and all epistemic concepts, particularly regarding the process of art production and fruition. The research group NeuroHumanitieStudies ( at the University of Catania (Italy), organizes a series of interdisciplinary meetings with some of the leading researchers in the field of neuroscience and humanities. The aim of these meetings is to achieve a real dialogue between sciences and to give to researchers of various fields and nationalities the possibility of taking part to a challenging discussion.

The 1st International NHS Dialogue: Neuroaesthetis and Cognitive Poetics will take place in Catania at the Department of Humanities of the University Catania on the 6-7 June 2014 and will focus on the dialogue between the English neurobiologist Prof. Semir Zeki (UCL) founder of the new research field of Neuroaesthetics and Michael Burke professor of Rhetoric at the Humanities Faculty of UCR, Utrecht University in Netherlands. A group of invited researchers will contribute to the dialogue as respondents and will lead an open roundtable on the second day.

Respondents include: Alexander Bergs (University Osnabrück – Germany), Alberto Biuso (University Catania – Italy), Silvia Bonacchi (University Warsaw – Poland), Lorella Bosco (University Bari – Italy), Thomas Eder (University Vienna – Austria), Gaetano Lalomia (University Catania – Italy), Gerhard Lauer (University Göttingen – Germany), Massimo Salgaro (University Verona – Italy).

Every interested person is welcome to the event.

Registration Fees:
Regular: € 75
Student: € 65

Registration deadline: 30th May 2014

We also invite all interested research centres, scholars and independent groups or researchers to contact us to take part to the project, in order to give birth and strength to a real trans-disciplinary international exchange.

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