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Ergebnisanzeige "MLA Panel 2015: Materiality and Meaning in Contemporary Literary Studies"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelMLA Panel 2015: Materiality and Meaning in Contemporary Literary Studies
BeschreibungCFP: Materiality and Meaning in Contemporary Literary Studies (March 17;
MLA, Vancouver, Canada; 8-11 January, 2015)

In light of the recent "materialist" or "posthermeneutic" turns,
this panel interrogates the growing divide within contemporary literary
studies, characteristic of a divide within the humanities more broadly,
between frameworks focusing on issues of materiality (broadly conceived to
include discussions of media materialities, history of the book, affect,
presence, embodiment, posthermeneutics, new materialisms, futures of
philology) and those focusing on questions of meaning (interpretation,
representation, signification, semiotics, hermeneutics). In his book
and Erasure*, Roger Chartier describes a rift between frameworks
emphasizing "the immateriality of works and the materiality of texts." A
similar distinction is echoed in Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht's conceptualization
in *Production of Presence* of an oscillation during the process of reading
between "meaning effects," aspects of representation and signification, and
"presence effects," the material and affective dimensions of texts and
readers' encounters with them.

This panel seeks papers that, in effect, attempt to bridge the divide
between these emerging poles, turning an increasingly felt binary
opposition into a dialectic or circulation, and insisting on the
fundamental inextricability or entanglement (to use Karen Barad's term) of
materiality and meaning, both on the level of textual production and
reception (reading/using), and on the level of critical and theoretical

Please send abstracts of 200-400 words and a brief bio by March 17 to Jacob
Haubenreich (
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VeranstaltungsortVancouver, Canada
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