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Ergebnisanzeige "Battlefield Emotions 1550-1850"
RessourcentypKonferenzen, Tagungen, Kolloquien
TitelBattlefield Emotions 1550-1850
BeschreibungThe Group for Early Modern Studies Ghent University (GEMS) and Amsterdam Centre for Cross-Disciplinary Emotion and Sensory Studies (ACCESS) organize an interdisciplinary workhop on


13, 14 and 15 February 2014 in Ghent (Belgium)


This workshop explores changes in emotional culture related to the early modern battlefield. Battlefield Emotions are considered as the emotions of the individual in the face of violence and death as they are expressed and represented in text and image, songs and gestures, rituals and objects.


Keynote speaker: Marian Füssel (Universität Göttingen): Emotions in the Making. The transformation of battlefield-experiences during the Seven
Years War (1756-1763)

Speakers (confirmed): Ilya Berkovich, Johannes Birgfeld, Michel De Dobbeleer, Holly Furneaux, Ian Germani, Valerie Mainz, Jana Moroszova, Bettina Noak, Hugo Nordland, Kati Parppei, Youenn le Prat, Alexander Roose, Ben Schoenmakers, Philip Shaw

This conference is organized by the Amsterdam Centre for Comparative Emotion and Sensory Studies (ACCESS) and the Group for Early Modern Studies (GEMS), Ghent University with financial support of the Flemish Research Foundation (FWO), The Faculty of Arts & Philosophy and the Literary Department of Ghent University, the Dr. C. Louise Thijssen-Schoute Stichting and the Arbeitskreis Militär und Gesellschaft (AMG)

Organisation: Erika Kuijpers (Universiteit Leiden, ACCESS), Cornelis van der Haven (UGent, GEMS) - Contact:

To register, please visit our conference website (before 5 February): - Registration fee: 25 Euro per day (including coffee, tea, lunch); 8 Euro for attending the third day (including coffee and tea).



Day 1 (13 February)

Keynote lecture
- Marian Füssel: Emotions in the Making. The transformation of battlefield-experiences during the Seven
Years War (1756-1763)

Session 2: Pre-modern passions
- Jana Maroszova, A soldier’s experience in the Thirty Years War
- Bettina Noak: The cure of trauma - wounded soldiers in the medical work of Johan van Beverwijck
- Alexander Roose Henri de Campion, a stoic gentleman on the battlefield
- Comments by Johan Verberckmoes and discussion

Session 3: Civic and military emotional regimes
- Youenn Le Prat: “Ah, the sad carnage!” The emotions of the 18th c. naval battlefield in French orally-transmitted ballads
- Valerie Mainz: Pendant pairings? Going off to war and coming back from warfare in the visual imagery of eighteenth-century France
- Holly Furneaux: Soldier Adoption Plots and Napoleonic Nostalgia in
Mid-Victorian Culture
- Comments by Inger Leemans and discussion

Day 2 (14 February)

Session 4: Soldiers writings, long term changes
- Erika Kuijpers: Renaissance soldiers’ memoirs and the construction of self. Harari revisited
- Johannes Birgfeld: Military diaries and battlefield emotions k
- Hugo Nordland: Honour, Shame, and Desire - Emotional Connotations of Honour among Swedish Military Officers around 1800
- Comments by Marian Füssel and discussion

Session 5: Epic war narratives
- Kati Parppei: Heroic tears – 15th -19th-century Russian narratives of the Battle of Kulikovo (1380)
- Michel De Dobbeleer: Ivan the Terribly Sentimental: On the Emotional
Protagonist of Mikhail Kheraskov’s Rossiad
- Cornelis van der Haven: Epic poetry and the inspiration of soldiers
- Comments by Jürgen Pieters and discussion

Day 3 (15 February)

Session 6: Emotions in military psychology
- Ilya Berkovich: Fear, Honour and Old-Regime Combat Motivation
- Ian Germani: Imagining the Battlefields of the French Revolution
- Philip Shaw: Longing for Home: Soldiers, Surgeons and Nostalgia in the Long Eighteenth Century
- Ben Schoenmakers: Clausewitz on emotions in the army
- Comments by René Vermeir and discussion

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