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Ergebnisanzeige "Occupy Antigone"
RessourcentypKonferenzen, Tagungen, Kolloquien
TitelOccupy Antigone
BeschreibungInternational Conference

18-19/03/2014, Ghent, Cultuur- en Congresscentrum Het Pand, University Ghent, Belgium

Occupy Antigone? Occupation can be understood as an act of seizing a certain object, usurping it, collectively using it in a different way and hence giving new meaning to it. Something the Performing Arts do, especially since the evolvement of postdramatic theatre. Ancient tragedies and texts did not disappear from the postdramatic stage but often speak a language of deconstruction. The idea behind the Occupy-movement, which started 2011 at the Wallstreet, broadly speaking was to globally join forces to address and change obvious imbalances.

Although research on re-stagings of ancient tragedies has continually increased within Theatre Studies, analyses of the performances of Antigone are still significantly underrepresented. This research gap stands in sharp contrast to the boom in studies on Antigone since Judith Butler’s crucial study Antigone’s Claim. Kinship Between Life & Death was published in 2000. Antigone performances are an exceptionally rich field for research for performance analysis.

Firstly, and most significantly, there is an immense amount of material from the boom of re-stagings of ancient tragedies since the 1980s, and contemporary stagings of Antigone are found in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and India. For example, Antigone adaptations have told the story of the founding of the nation of Ghana (Kamu Brathwait’s Odale’s Choice, Ghana 1962), and critiqued the neo-colonialism at the turn of the century (Femi Osofisan’s Tegonni, Nigeria 1999). The forbidden burial of one’s kin provides a number of points of connection for Latin American versions of Antigone, i.e. due to the abduction of civilians by the military regime in Argentina in the 1970s and early 1980s, (José Watanabe’s Antigoná 2000 and Griselda Gambo’s Antígona Furiosa 1986. In Postcolonial contexts the occupation of the cultural assets of the occupier often plays a significant role in negotiating colonial legacies. Despite the heightened presence of ancient tragedies in the arts, both Theatre Studies and Performance Studies research on contemporary performances of Antigone are still at the very beginning.

This conference aims to provide an interdisciplinary platform for research from a variety of fields to meet at the crossroads between performance and philosophy. We invite you to investigate the links and contradictions between concepts and ideas occupied with Antigone.


Concept & Organization: Katharina Pewny, Charlotte Gruber

Keynote Speakers:
Tina Chanter (Kingston University, UK) Freddie Rokem (Tel Aviv University, IL) Wumi Raji (Obafemi Awolowo University, NG) Mateusz Borowski & Malgorzata Sugiera (Jagiellonian University, PL)

Registration necessary:

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014, Refter-Zaal, Culture and Convention Center
Het Pand, Ghent

9.00h-9.30h: Registration

9.30h-10.00h: Opening (Katharina Pewny & Charlotte Gruber / Ghent Univ., Luc Van Den Dries /
Antwerp Univ.)

10.00h-11.00h: Keynote Antigone’s (transformed) Heritage
 Keynote: Freddie Rokem (Tel Aviv Univ.) - The 'deinon' in Sophocles', Heidegger's
and Brecht's Antigone The Logic of/in a Classical Tragedy
 Respondent: Thomas Crombez (Antwerp Univ.)

11.00h-11.30h: coffee break

11.30h-13.00h: Panel Antigone’s (transformed) Heritage
 Kati Röttger (Amsterdam Univ.) - Occupying Stages of Thinking: The Case of Antigone
 Charlotte Gruber (Ghent Univ.) - From Dialectics to Deconstruction: The Other


13.00h-15.00h: lunch break

15.00h-16.00h: Keynote Antigone’s Scenes of Death
 Keynote: Tina Chanter (Kingston Univ.): The Returns of Antigone and the Remains
of Antigone: To Bury or not to Bury
 Respondent: Katharina Pewny (Ghent Univ.)

16.00h-17.30: Panel Antigone’s Scenes of Death
 Małgorzata Budzowska (Univ. of Lodz): Glocally Political Theatre of Dying in the
Antigone Production by Marcin Liber
 Aneta Stojnić (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna): (Un)dead and (Un)buried from Antigone to
Bradley Manning


19:30h-21.30h: Movie Screenings (Directors present)
 Shortmovie: Antigone Done to Death - Sophie Bocksberger (Oxford Univ.)
 Phantoms of Lovanium – Ccil Michel (Brussels)

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014, Refter-Zaal, Culture and Convention Center Het Pand, Ghent

09.30h-10.30h: Keynote Translating, Relating and Mediating Antigone
 Keynote: Wumi Raji (Obafemi Awolowo Univ., Nigeria) - Between Antigone and Tegonni: Tragic Visions and Translations
 Respondent: Christine Kanz (Ghent Univ.)

10.30h-11. 00h: coffee break

11.00h-13.00h: Panel Translating, Relating and Mediating Antigone
 Andrés Fabián Henao Castro (Univ. of Massachusetts) - Antigone: The Crossing-Borders Subject
 Francesca Spiegel (Humboldt Univ. Berlin) - Choruses, Responsibility, and Community
 Klaas Tindemans: The Use and Misuse of Antigone as Political Icon

13.00h-15.00h: lunch break

15.00h-16.00h: Keynote Re-visiting Antigone’s (Politics of) Kin(ship)
 Keynote: Mateusz Borowski & Malgorzata Sugiera (Jagiellonian Univ. Kraków): Beyond Kinship: from Antigone to ANT
 Respondent: Christel Stalpaert (Ghent Univ.)

16.00h-17.30h: Panel (Revisiting) Antigone’s Kin
 Izuu Nwankwo (Gombe State Univ., Nigeria) - Antigone, Tegonni and Antigonick: Performing Resistance in a Glocalised Society
 Vlasta Paulic (Ludwig Maximilian Univ. Munich) - Antigone. The Story of ama-gi and the Beginnings of Antigonal Psychoanalysis

17.30h-18.00: Conference Conclusions

Concept & Organization: Katharina Pewny, Charlotte Gruber

Internal Scientific Board: Kristoffel Demoen, Luk Van den Dries, Marco Formisano, Christel Stalpaert, Freddy Decreus

International Scientific Board:
Christopher Balme (President of the international Federation of Theatre Research, Chair of Theatre Studies, Ludwig Maximilian-University Munich)
Gerald Siegmund (President of the Society for Theatre Research, Chair of Applied Theatre Studies, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen)
Laura Cull (Senior Lecturer in Theatre Studies, Guildford University of Surrey, Secretary of Performance Studies International, Chair of Performance Philosophy)

This conference is a cooperation of S:PAM Studies in Performing Arts and Media (Ghent University) and the Research Center for Visual Poetics (Antwerp University).
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