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Ergebnisanzeige "Aesopic Voices: Re-framing Truth in Twentieth-Century Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fables"
RessourcentypKonferenzen, Tagungen, Kolloquien
TitelAesopic Voices: Re-framing Truth in Twentieth-Century Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fables
BeschreibungAESOPIC VOICES: Re-framing Truth in Twentieth-Century Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fables

International Conference, Melbourne, Australia, February 21 - 23, 2008

Open Stage Theatre, University of Melbourne
Organised by Philip Morrissey and Gert Reifarth


Conference Plan

February 21

10:00 Welcome Addresses
10:15 Dr Gert Reifarth Aesopic Ways: An Introduction
11:30 Keynote Address 1: Prof Odile Cazenave: Dis-Enchanted, Dis-Entangled Tales: Francophone African Literature Today The Examples of Boubacar Boris Diop and Véronique Tadjo

14:00 Paper Session I: Aesopics and Theory. Session Chair: Dr Kevin Murray

1. Assistant Professor Gillian M.E. Alban “Beyond the Other: A Beautiful Beast: Angela Carter’s Fairy Tales through her reading of the Marquis de Sade.”
2. Ophelia Jasmin Keys Beasts telling Stories: Bartabas’ Equestrian Displays as Aesopic Texts
3. Dr Justin Clemens On the Enigma of Half-Truths

16:30 Paper Session 2: Aesopics in Africa. Session Chair: Prof Odile Cazenave
1. Betty Caplan Pre and Post Colonial Voices: A view from Kenya’s Heartland
2. Daria Tunca Ben Okri’s Starbook: A Magical Pathway to Reality, or an Enchanted Road to Nowhere?
3. Dr Kevin Murray Of Minks and Men: Mbulelo Mzamane’s Allegory for post-Apartheid South Africa.

February 22

10:00 Paper Session 3: Aesopic Resistance. Session Chair: tba
1. Prof Catherine Collins and Prof Patricia Varas Thrilling the Audience, (Dis)tracting the Censors: Suspense as Diversion
2. Dr Julia Vassilieva Beyond Aesopic: Religious Discourse in Post-communist Russia as an “Empty Signifier”.
3. Dr Gert Reifarth Aesop vs the Censor in the GDR: On the Power of Fairy Tales

13:00 Keynote Address 2: Prof Greg Dening: Wayfinding. Dances on the Beaches of the Mind.

15:00 Paper Session 4: Aesopic Theatre. Session Chair: Dr Peter Eckersall
1. Dr Catherine Fargher Bio-Ethical Issues As A Base For Fables
2. Dr Katsadoros George The Disfiguration of Aesop and Karagiozis: Embodiment of Indirect Expostulation and Resistance.
3.Dr Jeanne Clark Palestinian Theatre and the Aesopic Voice
4. Xan Colman and Tamara Searle "Once Upon a Time, Tonight: Contemporary Application of Aesopic Discourse in the Performance making of Makhampom Theatre Group, Thailand."

19:00 Erwin and Elmire: An Opera Production in Progress. Excerpts from an upcoming production of this work by Anna Amalia (libretto by Goethe), presented by IOpera. Directed by Gert Reifarth. Featuring Lee Abrahamsen, Suzanne Shakespeare, Chris Busietta, Nick Jones.

February 23

10:30 Paper Session 5: Aesopics in Australia. Session Chair: Dr Justin Clemens
1. Marcus Waters “Contemporary Urban Indigenous ‘Dreamings’: Connection, Ceremony and Practice”
2. Marie Herbillon Murray Bail’s Eucalyptus: An Australian fairy tale?
3. Philip Morrissey Old Cobraboor: Colonial Violence and Aboriginal modesty.

13:00 Conference Conclusion and Contemporary Fable Presentation
Myron Lysenko and Kevin Brophy 'Dead Dog Dumped' or 'Fables on Tables

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Ms Johanna Simmons

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