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Ergebnisanzeige "ACLA Seminar: Alien Capital, New York City (15.11.2013)"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelACLA Seminar: Alien Capital, New York City (15.11.2013)
BeschreibungSeminar: Alien Capital
Organizers: Josh Alvizu and Jason Groves, Yale University

American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting (
March 20-23, 2014, New York University

“Fremdkapital,” literally “outside” or “borrowed” capital, constitutes one of the primary elements of finance capitalism. Yet the recent discovery of the extra-terrestrial origin of gold makes audible another connotation: alien capital. This finding suggests that the scale of monetary exchange and circulation extends beyond the global and into the galactic. This seminar therefore proposes to explore alien capital in all of its potential guises, from the socio-economic conditions it might engender to the derangement of scale it provokes.

This seminar will be preoccupied primarily with the following questions: What happens when we shift from a local to a global to an extraterrestrial sense of capital? If modernity can be indexed to capital, if postmodernity can be indexed to neoliberal capital, can we link the future to alien capital? How has alien capital been imagined and can it offer an alternative to the ravages of terrestrial capital? Can alien capital indicate not only the extraterrestrial origin of capital but also a new order of capital?

What are some of the forms of alien capital— including but not limited to Bataille’s solar economy, the meteors Marx ruminates over in his doctoral dissertation on Epicurus, the militarization of space in Kluge— and how do they implicitly critique capital? Why does alien capital increasingly matter, and how has it been materialized?

Please submit paper proposals (max. 250 words) by November 15, 2013 at:

For more information, please contact Josh Alvizu ( and Jason Groves (
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VeranstaltungsortNew York City
PersonName: Josh Alvizu 
Funktion: Veranstalter 
KontaktdatenName/Institution: Yale University 
Strasse/Postfach: WLH Hall 3rd Fl. PO Box 208210 
Postleitzahl: 06520-8210 
Stadt: New Haven, CT 
LandVereinigte Staaten von Amerika
SchlüsselbegriffeLiteraturwissenschaft; Komparatistik (Kulturvergleich, Interkulturelle Literaturwissenschaft); Literatur 1880 - 1945; Literatur nach 1945; Medien- u. Kommunikationsgeschichte (Hand-, Druckschrift, Film, Rundfunk, Computerspiel usw.)
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