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Ergebnisanzeige "Continuity and Crisis in German Cinema (1928-1936)"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelContinuity and Crisis in German Cinema (1928-1936)
BeschreibungContinuity and Crisis in German Cinema (1928-1936)

Call for Papers

While many scholars have referenced continuities between Weimar and Nazi Cinema and
proposed revisiting the periodization of German film in the Interwar period, no book has tackled
this question head-on. Contributions are now invited for a planned book on German Cinema
from the years of 1928-1936 that will address both cinema’s relationships to the manifold crises
of those years and the continuities in German cinema across the political transition in 1933. This
book will be edited by Barbara Hales (University of Houston, Clear-Lake), Mihaela Petrescu
(Hobart and William Smith Colleges), and Valerie Weinstein (University of Cincinnati), as part
of the series, "Screen Cultures: German Film and the Visual," co-edited by Johannes von Moltke
(University of Michigan) and Gerd Gemünden (Dartmouth College), for Camden House.

Germany and the German film industry faced profound social, political, economic,
technological, and aesthetic changes in the years 1928-1936. At the same time, obvious
continuities are also apparent in styles, themes, and personnel from this period. We are interested
in explorations of both continuities and changes, the discourses of “Crisis”
both within and about film of the time, industrial and aesthetic configurations, representations of both dominant and marginal identities, and papers addressing methodological or theoretical questions related to
the study of German Film 1928-1936. We interpret “German Film” broadly and invite transnational approaches.

We are looking for in-depth studies of specific films, stars, technologies, events, etc. rather than
panoramic overviews. We seek contributions which place questions of crisis and/or continuity at
the center of their analytic, historical, theoretical, or aesthetic inquiry.
The projected volume will comprise some twelve to fifteen essays that will introduce an
English-speaking readership to the crises and continuities in German film, 1928-1936, such as
those listed above.

Those interested in participating in the project are invited to submit a short abstract (ca.600
words) as an e-mail attachment (Word file format) by December 16, 2013, to Barbara Hales
(, Mihaela Petrescu (,and Valerie Weinstein

If chosen, complete essays (ca. 15-20 typed pages, double spaced) would be due by June 16,
2014. Final acceptance of articles is contingent on Camden House’s blind, peer-review process.
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