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Ergebnisanzeige "Belles-Lettres of the Law: Legal Systems, Failures, and Justice"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelBelles-Lettres of the Law: Legal Systems, Failures, and Justice
BeschreibungAmerican Comparative Literature Association’s Annual Meeting (
New York University in New York City
March 20-23, 2014

Call for Paper Proposals (Deadline: November 1, 2013)

Seminar: Belles-Lettres of the Law: Legal Systems, Failures, and Justice
Seminar Organizers: Anna E. Zimmer and Simone V. Willnath, Georgetown University

A link between law and literature dates back to Cicero and the Bible, was continued by authors such as William Shakespeare, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Franz Kafka, and Albert Camus, and perseveres in artistic endeavors today. While a literary focus on law, lawyers, trials, and justice is not new, in this seminar we seek to explore how the literary approaches the legal today. What formal features do contemporary writers, playwrights, documentary artists, and filmmakers employ to argue a case from a different perspective? How do artists navigate the fact-fiction divide when depicting legal cases, which demand evidence? To what extent can literature and film intervene when formal legal systems fail? This seminar invites proposals that address (but are not limited to) the following topics: the literary portrayal of historical trials, legal capital, reparations claims, the legal protection of human rights, the representation of immigrants and asylum seekers, therapeutic jurisprudence, representations of the unrepresented, and international war tribunals. Through our discussions, this seminar hopes to gain insight into the timeless link between literature and law.

Please submit 250-word abstracts by November 1, 2013 directly to the ACLA conference website via the following link:

For more information, please contact seminar organizers: Anna E. Zimmer ( and Simone V. Willnath (

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VeranstaltungsortNew York
PersonName: Anna E. Zimmer  
Name: Simone V. Willnath 
KontaktdatenName/Institution: ACLA 
LandVereinigte Staaten von Amerika
SchlüsselbegriffeLiteraturwissenschaft; Komparatistik (Kulturvergleich, Interkulturelle Literaturwissenschaft); Literatur nach 1945; Literatur- u. Kulturgeschichte
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