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Ergebnisanzeige "Arctic Discourses"
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TitelArctic Discourses
BeschreibungArctic Discourses

”Arctic Discourses 2008”, Tromsø 21-23 February 2008, is part of the research programme of the Arktiske diskurser project, based at the University of Tromsø and funded by the University and The Research Council of Norway.

Descriptions of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic provide a rich material produced both in the Arctic and in other parts of the world. The extent of this material has increased considerably since the Romantic period, hand in hand with the systematic scientific investigation of these regions. These descriptions will often correspond more or less to Arctic realities, but also constitute their own reality: the way in which the Arctic has been understood and imagined throughout history. Taken together, they make up a discourse on the Arctic, formed both by actual Arctic experiences and its own intertextual continuities— in addition to many other earlier and contemporaneous discourses, including the discourse of literature. This international conference will concentrate primarily on Arctic discourses after Romanticism and up to the present day, using approaches to such discourses developed within literary studies. It will focus both on Arctic discourse in literary texts and literary discourse in non-literary descriptions of the Arctic. It will examine the development of Arctic discourses; the use of narrative, figurative and generic strategies in Arctic discourses; and the effect of changing communication technologies on Arctic discourses. It will also focus on contact zones between the European/American and the Arctic, and cultures which identify themselves as both Arctic and European/American.

Conference Programme

The conference venue is the Faculty of Humanities building (see map of university campus). Keynote lectures are held in auditorium E-0.101 and parallel sessions in auditorium E-0.101 and lecture rooms E-0.103 and E-0.104.

Thursday 21 February

0900-0930: Registration, coffee/tea
0930-0945: Opening

0945-1045: Keynote lecture (E–0.101)
Lisa Bloom: ”Gender on Ice: 15 Years Later”

1045-1100: Coffee/tea
1100-1230: Parallel sessions 1A, 1B, 1C
1230-1330: Lunch
1330–1430: Reception at the University Library
1430-1600: Parallel sessions 2A, 2B, 2C
1600-1630: Coffee/tea
1630-1800: Parallel sessions 3A, 3B, 3C
1800-2000: Reception at Árdna

Friday 22 February

0930-1030: Keynote lecture (E–0.101)
Tim Youngs: ”The Conquest of the Arctic: The Stories and Science of the 1937 Soviet Expedition”

1030-1045: Coffee/tea
1045-1215: Parallel sessions 4A, 4B, 4C
1215-1330: Lunch
1330-1500: Parallel sessions 5A, 5B, 5C
1500-1515: Coffee/tea
1515-1645: Parallel sessions 6A, 6B, 6C

1830-1930: Reception at the Polar Museum
2000–2300: Dinner at Ølhallen (The Beer Hall)

Saturday 23 February

0930-1030: Keynote lecture (E–0.101)
Wendy Mercer: ”The Arctic in Nineteenth-Century French Fiction”

1030-1045: Coffee/tea
1045-1215: Parallel sessions 7A, 7B
1215-1330: Lunch
1330-1500: Parallel sessions 8A, 8B
1500-1530: Concluding plenary

2000-2300: Conference dinner at Driv

Schedule of Parallel Sessions

Thursday 21 February, 1100–1230

Session 1A: The North in Nineteenth-Century Art (E-0.101)
Chair: Anka Ryall

Felicia Tolentino: Framing the North: Northern Nature as Concept and Practice in 19th-Century Landscape Painting

Nina Hinrichs: The Arctic Sea : Constructs of the North in the Work of Caspar David Friedrich

Ingeborg Høvik: Heroism and Imperialism in the Arctic: Edwin Landseer’s Man Proposes – God Disposes

Session 1B: Narrating Greenland (E-0.103)
Chair: Johan Schimanski

Fredrik Chr. Brøgger: The Culture of Nature and the Nature of Culture: Sensuality and Spirituality in Knud Rasmussen’s Narrative of the Fifth Thule Expedition

Kirsten Thisted: Knud Rasmussen and the 5th Thule Expedition

Sanne Kok: Meeqqerivitsialak: A Greenlandic Pedagogy and Its Importance in the Process of Decolonization

Session 1C: Images of the North in Contemporary Fiction (E-0.104)
Chair: Astrid Surmatz

Leila Werthschulte: Light, Love and Longing for Infinity: The Experience of Arctic in Heleen van der Laan’s “Waar blijft het light”

Claudia Gremler: Looking for Redemption in a Globalized North: Representations of the Arctic in Judith Hermann’s Short Stories ”Kaltblau” (”Cold Blue”) and ”Die Liebe zu Ari Oskarsson” (”Love for Ari Oskarsson”)

Heidi Hansson: Cold Days and Murder: Crime Fiction in the Arctic

Thursday 21 February, 1430–1600

Session 2A: Images of Sámi Culture (E–0.101)
Chair: Kirsten Thisted

Anders Aschim: An Orientalist in the Arctic: Elias Blix (1836–1902) and the Arctic Discourses of His Time

Cathrine Theodorsen: Political Realism and the Fantastic-Romantic: Indian Culture and the Sami in Theodor Mügge’s Novel Afraja (1854)

Harald Gaski: Longing towards the North, towards Sun and Summer: The Sami Poet Nils-Aslak Valkeapää's Imagery of the North

Session 2B: The Arctic in Ecological Discourse (E–0.103)
Chair: Ulrike Spring

Hanna Maria Hoffmann: Crisis of the Mythological?: The Melting of the Polar Ice in Greenland in Alfred Döblin’s Berge Meere und Giganten (1924)

Daniel Chartier: An Ecological Relationship to the Imaginary North

Holger Pötsch: Representing Threats/Threatening Representations

Session 2C: Rewriting the Arctic and Sub-Arctic in Contemporary Fiction
Chair: Katrine Nikolaisen

Susan M. Birkwood: From ”naked country” to ”sheltering ice”: Rudy Wiebe’s Revisionist Treatment of John Franklin’s First Arctic Narrative

Maria Lindgren Leavenworth: Embodying/Textualizing the Arctic in Postmodern Novels and Popular Fictions

Tereza Nitisor: A Sub-Arctic Vision: Rewriting Newfoundland in Wayne Johnston’s The Colony of Unrequited Dreams

Thursday 21 February, 1630–1800

Session 3A: Translating Arctic Exploration into Fiction (E–0.101)
Chair: Henning Howlid Wærp

Silje Solheim Karlsen: ”He was to become a man”: A Reading of Klaus Rifbjerg’s Nansen and Johansen: A Winter’s Tale (2002)

Paola Gheri: ”Paper Seas”: Polar Enterprises in Contemporary German Novels by Sten Nadolny and Christoph Ransmayr

Annie Bourguignon: Conquering the Arctic and Conquering the Sky: Views on Technical Progress in Saint-Exupéry’s Night Flight and P.O. Sundman’s The Flight of the ”Eagle”

Session 3B: The Utopian North (E–0.103)
Chair: Johan Schimanski

Linda Anderson Burnett: The Appeal of the Magical North in Eighteenth-Century British Literature

Polly Gould: Sexual Polarities: Shelley’s Frankenstein and Polar Exploration as a Search for Origins beyond ”Woman”

Jérémie Michael McGowan: Eden in a Cold Climate: The ”Ideal” Arctic of Ralph Erskine

Session 3C: The Arctic and Cultural Heritage (E–0.104)
Chair: Marie-Theres federhofer

Katryn E. Dodge: Through the Looking Glass: A Qualitiative Exploration of Alaska Native Women’s Experiences in Native and Non-Native Organizations

Inna Veselova: The Construction of Personal Memory in Northern Russia: From Materialization to Narrative

Bente Sundsvold: Utvær – Shifting Sentiments and Meanings

Friday 22 February, 1045–1215

Session 4A: Narrating Spitsbergen (E–0.101)
Chair: Mary Katherine Jones

Peter Fjågesund: From Sailor to Scientist: John Phipps at Spitsbergen 1773

Anka Ryall: At Home in No Man’s Land: Sir William Martin Conway’s The First Crossing of Spitsbergen

Amilcare Cassanello: Norway and Spitsbergen in Hubert Aquin’s novel Neigenoire (Hamlet’s Twins )

Session 4B: The Arctic from the Inside (E–0.103)
Chair: Kirsten Thisted

Bård Berg: The Construction of Arctic Indigenous Identities: A Question of Strategic Essentialism?

Kikki Jernsletten: The Concept of Nature in Sami Oral Literature

Lill Tove Fredriksen: The Strategies of Coping in Árbbolaččat (The Heirs ), Novels Written by the Sámi Novelist Jovnna-Ánde Vest

Session 4C: The Canadian North (E–0.104)
Chair: Fredrik Chr. Brøgger

Christina Sawchuk: Correspondence Networks and the New Canadian Arctic Exploration

Tiffany Johnston: The New Canadian North: Agnes Deans Cameron’s Ironic Critique of American Imperialism in The New North (1909)

Katrine Nikolaisen: The North Writes Back: Joseph Boyden’s Three Day Road

Friday 22 February, 1330–1500

Session 5A: Documenting the Arctic (E–0.101)
Chair: Marie-Theres Federhofer

Reinhard Mook: Imparting Polar Research to the 1880s Public

Mary Katherine Jones: Citation and Source Reference in the Spitsbergen Texts Published in European Geographical Journals, 1895–1920

Leif Longva: New Communication Tools – Expanding the Discourses: A Mission Impossible?

Session 5B: Texts and Materiality in the Arctic (E–0.103)
Chair: Ulrike Spring

Adriana Craciun: Inscribing the Arctic: The Franklin Expedition and the Arctic Palimpsest

Hanna Eglinger: ”Traces against time’s erosion”: The Polar Explorar between Documentation and Projection

Janna Swales: Interpreting Canada’s Yukon Relics: Pinholes into the Past

Session 5C: Arctic Metaphors and Myths (E–0.104)
Chair: Henning Howlid Wærp

Susi K. Frank: Rhetorics of Fight, Heroism and Divergent Concepts of Nature in Russian and German Arctic Discourse

Sabine Frost: Whiteout: Snow and Whiteness in Literature since 1800

Annelise Brox Larsen: Arctic Discourse in When Jays Fly to Barbmo

Friday 22 February, 1515–1645

Session 6A: The North in Films (E–0.101)
Chair: Silje Solheim Karlsen

Roswitha Skare: Nanook of the North : The First Documentary about the North Anne-Kari Skardhamar: Suppression and Subversion: Film Representations of Sami Culture and Identity

Tanja Kudrjavtseva: Russian Arctic Anno 2006: An Island in Time

Session 6B: The Arctic in Modern Political Discourse (E–0.103)
Chair: Pär Eliasson

Jens Petter Nielsen: Russia’s Changing Northernness from Lomonosov to Chilingarov

Lisa Williams: Telling an Arctic Tale: Arctic Discourses in Canadian Foreign Policy

Roxanne Willis: The American Arctic: Finding Alaska’s Place in the North

Session 6C: Translating the North into Words and Music (E–0.104)
Chair: Heidi Hansson

Elizaveta Khachaturyan: The North Seen by People from the South: Italian Explorers of the Arctic

Maria H. Svensson: Lexical Specificity in Travelogues about the Nordic North

Laurel Parsons: Anerca : Representation of Inuit Poetry in Twentieth-Century Art Music

Saturday 23 February, 1045–1215

Session 7A: Illustrating the Arctic (E–0.103)
Chair: Pär Eliasson

Margherita d’Ayala Valva: Touristic and Chauvinistic Approaches to the Arctic in the Italian Popular Press

Lennart Petterson: The Pictures of the North

Morten Torgerud: The Distribution of Places: On Some Photographs by Ellisif Wessel

Session 7B: Gendering the Arctic (E–0.104)
Chair: Heidi Hansson

Astrid Surmatz: Depicting and Gendering the Arctic: On the Tradition of Imagining the North

Ingrid Urberg: Gender, Landscape and the Svalbard Experience

Saturday 23 February, 1330–1500

Session 8A: The Arctic from the Outside (E–0.103)
Chair: Astrid Surmatz

Nils Magne Knutsen: ”In intelligence not much different from apes”: Some Comments on Archbishop Erik Valkendorf’s Report from Northern Norway in 1512

Stephen F. Wolfe: Moving the “Geographic Missionaries” from Africa to the Arctic Regions: John Barrow’s Writings in the Quarterly Review , 1816–1820

Johan Schimanski/Ulrike Spring: Imagining the Arctic in Central Europe

Session 8B: Narrating Arctic Exploration (E–0.104)
Chair: Anka Ryall

Pär Eliasson: Station Cultures and Some Therapies against Arctic Ennui

Henning Howlid Wærp: The Second Fram Expedition: Otto Sverdrup’s Nyt Land (1903)

Jørgen Alnæs: Heroes and Nomads in Norwegian Polar Exploration Literature


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Det humanistiske fakultet
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