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Ergebnisanzeige "Let's Peer Across Borders - Writing Centers in Motion"
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TitelLet's Peer Across Borders - Writing Centers in Motion
BeschreibungCall for papers: EWCA Conference 2014

*Let's Peer Across Borders -- Writing Centers in Motion*

*July 19th-22nd 2014 at European University Viadrina Frankurt (Oder),

We would like to invite you to peer into the future of writing centers in Europe and worldwide. During the last years, many things came into motion with regards to writing centers and writing pedagogies: New centers opened, new literacies became important, new research areas became important, new collaborations started. Our 2014 conference aims to offer a space for peering into the work of others and for starting new collaborations in research and practices. The verb "to peer" indicates that we invite everybody to consider our everyday work and to take a scholarly stance. It also reminds us of peer learning and a truly collaborative learning experience. To ensure exciting and lasting networking across borders we invite research-based presentations, workshops, and poster presentations, but will also offer an open space session and possibilities to meet with special interest groups.**

Our theme is broad enough to include issues like:

. How collaborative is the teaching and learning of writing?

. How do students learn to write?

. How do tutors learn to tutor?

. What do tutors learn from peer tutoring?

. What do students learn from being peer tutored?

. What do teachers of writing learn in the process of teaching writing?

. How do institutions support and expand the work of writing centers?

. How can we strengthen writing and writing center work through intranational and international collaboration?

. What is the value of writing in a globalized world?

. What are the political implications of writing in a specific model?

. Who do we write for? Students as consumers and workers.

. How does writing and the teaching or tutoring of writing support collaboration outside the classroom and in real life situations?

Join us and share research, ideas, innovative thinking, success stories, and philosophical ruminations on any of the above or on similar subtopics. Indicate the scope of your presentation in a clear title and in a brief abstract (250-300 words).


·Workshops 90 minutes or 180 minutes

·Presentations 20 minutes

·Posters (DIN A0)
PechaKucha sessions (20 images x 20 seconds for each presenter). These can be PowerPoint slides, or other types of visuals, accompanied by the speaker's comments. This is an excellent way to present writing centers, personal experiences with writing or with the teaching and tutoring of writing.

*The conference lingua franca will be English. However, please feel free to offer your sessions also in Polish, French or German, but please include an English abstract. If you feel insecure with regard to your English language skills have in mind that for a majority of EWCA's members English is a foreign language. There is no need to be perfect, only a need for a willingness to share research and experiences across borders!*

Send 250-300 word abstracts or workshop and poster proposals to by *November 30th, 2013*.

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