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Ergebnisanzeige "Transmission: Cinema/Psychoanalysis"
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TitelTransmission: Cinema/Psychoanalysis
BeschreibungCall for Papers:

Transmission: Cinema/Psychoanalysis
International Interdisciplinary Conference
University of Cambridge, 17-18 September 2008

Keynote Speakers:
Professor Kaja Silverman (University of California, Berkeley) TBC
Professor Mieke Bal (University of Amsterdam)

The University of Cambridge's Psychoanalysis Reading Group, in co-operation with the Centre for Research into the Arts, Humanities and Social Studies (CRASSH:, invites proposals for papers to be given at a two-day international interdisciplinary conference, to be held on 17-18 September 2008. This conference aims specifically to bring together academics and graduate students with artists and film practitioners from a range of disciplinary backgrounds. This event will form part of the 2008 Cambridge Film Festival and film screenings will form an integral part of the conference programme.

Cinema and psychoanalysis have often been thought to share 'parallel' histories that are characterised by processes of mutual transmission, from the transferral of psychoanalytic scenarios into the cinematic frame to the translation of psychoanalytic concepts into film theory. To some extent transfixed by each other's representational and interpretive practices, both psychoanalysis and cinema have witnessed, mirrored and, in some cases, elicited reciprocal transformations. In recent years, however, these transactions have come to be criticised as acts of contamination and corruption, so that transmission has been recast in negative terms as transgression or transfiguration. But is the transplantation of psychoanalytic discourse into film and film theory really defunct, and is that capacity for mutual transformation absolutely lost? What, then, are the possibilities and conditions of transmission across, between or beyond cinema and psychoanalysis? What are the histories of that transference and what might its future trajectories be? Can cinema - to transform a Deleuzian concept - be understood as a psychoanalytic mode of thought?

Proposals are invited for papers of no more than 20 minutes, which respond in any way to these questions. The organisers would also be particularly interested in proposals to screen short films, accompanied by a brief talk. Film and talk should, taken together, not exceed 20 minutes in length. Please submit an abstract of maximum 300 words and please include either an academic CV or a brief summary of relevant biographical information. In the case of film submissions, please indicate how the film relates to the conference theme.

Please submit proposals by email, no later than 29 February 2008, to:

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