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Ergebnisanzeige "Postdoctoral Scholar position, German Studies, University of Calgary"
TitelPostdoctoral Scholar position, German Studies, University of Calgary
BeschreibungPostdoctoral Scholar position

German Studies
2 years
Start date:
January 1,2014
$50,000 per annum

The Department of Linguistics, Languages & Cultures in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Calgary is accepting applications for a Postdoctoral Fellow in German Studies.
Job Description:
Racism today is one of the most pressing global issues, requiring urgent solutions. In a rapidly changing
multi-culturally and digitally interconnected world, racist images circulate beyond their borders, taking on
new meanings and functions in different contexts requiring critical debate and engagement. Few nations in the world had as intense an encounter with racism as Germany: Even before the Third Reich, German society produced long-lasting representations of racial others, first and foremost of North Americanaboriginals that have shaped European perception of indigeneity to this day,so much so that Canadian aboriginal writing today often refers to these pervasive German stereotypes of “noble Indians.” Equally pervasive, the representation of fascism has had a curious international afterlife.
The Internet, in many ways the most international-global space to date, contains the world’s combined archive of Hitler caricatures, Hitler on-line games, Nazi cartoons and animations, and altered historical footage of fascism.
The proposed post-doctoral position will contribute new insights into racism by studying textual and visual, as well as new digital media representations of racism in a trans national context. The position will promote an advanced understanding of how German national images of racial others take on new meaning through international circulation.

The postdoctoral scholar will have a PhD in German Studies and work in the area of German, specifically in
the area of race, racial narratives, alterity and Otherness in 19th and 20th century German culture. He or she should have advanced language competence in both German and English. The postdoctoral scholar will work with the supervisor and other colleagues in German to investigate
how German representations of racial others have circulated beyond Germany’s national borders.
Application details:
Applicants should submit a CV and a cover letter with statement of research experience and interests to Dr.
Florentine Strzelczyk ( by September 15th, 2013. Arrangements should also be made to have two academic reference letters sent to the same address.

Contact information:
Dr. Florentine Strzelczyk
Professor of German and Head
Department of Germanic, Slavic & East Asian Studies
Department of Linguistics (Interim)
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4
Ph 403-220-3990
Fax 403-284-3810
For more information please contact Dr. Florentine Strzelczyk (

About the University of Calgary
The University of Calgary is a leading Canadian university located in the nation’s most enterprising city. The
university has a clear strategic direction to become one of Canada’s top five research universities by 2016,
where innovative teaching and ground breaking research go hand in hand, and where we fully engage the
communities we both serve and lead. The strategy is called Eyes High, inspired by our Gaelic motto, which translates to ‘I will lift up my eyes.’
To succeed as one of Canada’s top universities, where new ideas are created, tested and applied through first
class teaching and research, the University of Calgary needs more of the best minds in our classrooms
and labs. We’re increasing our scholarly capacity by investing in people
who want to change the world, bringing the best and brightest to Calgary to form a global intellectual hub and achieve advances that matter to everyone.

About Calgary
Named a cultural capital of Canada and one of the best places to live in the world, Calgary is a city of
leaders–in business, community, philanthropy and volunteerism. Calgarians benefit from the strongest
economy in the nation and enjoy more days of sunshine per year than any other major Canadian city.
Calgary is less than an hour’s drive from the majestic Rocky Mountains and boasts the most extensive urban
pathway and bikeway network in North America.
All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadians and permanent residents w
ill be given priority. The University of Calgary respects, appreciates, and encourages diversity.
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