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Ergebnisanzeige "Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Universität Trier"
TitelPostdoctoral Research Fellowship, Universität Trier
BeschreibungPostdoctoral Research Fellowship
The Trier Center for Digital Humanities at Trier University is delighted to announce the
availability of a postdoctoral research fellowship starting from November 1st, 2013 for an initial
duration of 12 month with the possibility of an extension for another 12 months, subject to the
availability of funds. The fellowship is part of a research initiative funded by the state Rhineland-Palatine.
Since its inception in 1998, the Trier Center for Digital Humanities has
grown into a nationally and internationally renowned center in the area of Digital Humanities (DH). Its aim is to support research projects in the humanities, cultural and social sciences by developing and applying
innovative methods and procedures from information technology, thus contributing to establishing and advancing new research methods in these disciplines as well as in computer science and information technology.
Main research areas include: establishing digital forms for accessing, linking, visua
lising and publishing in the humanities and cultural sciences (e.g. reference works, digital editions, primary sources), analysing and visualising large text corpora, and developing virtual research environments for collaborative work. A main guiding principle is the consequent use of open standards.
Proposed projects should intergrate well into the Center‘s research areas as listed above.
It is expected that new projects will be proposed and initiated, for which funding is available.
Interdisciplinary pro posals are welcome.
The fellowship is 1,700 euro per month paid as a scholarship, i.e. without tax or social security
deductions. Child benefit is paid at a rate of 150 euro for the first child and 50 euro for each
additional child (see § 2 Sect. 1 of the Bundeskindergeldgesetz for details of what persons are
included in the definition of `children‘). The fellowship is supplemented by funds to cover
project-related travel costs. Upon acceptance of the fellowship the recipient agrees not to take
up other employment during the duration of the fellowship, to move to Trier and participate in
the activities of the Trier Center for Digital Humanities, and to write intermediate and a final
reports about the project. Application requirements are a completed PhD thesis in a Humanities
subject, a proven track record of DH research, and excellent knowledge of English. In view of ongoing cooperations of the Center, knowledge of French is also desirable.

Applicants should submit the following documents:
– CV with detailed information on the applicants research career
– copies of degree certificates (schools and universities/institutes of higher education)
– summary of the research project to be carried out at the Trier Center for Digital Humanities
(approx.10-15 pages including time schedule)

The summary of the research project should adhere to the following structure:
1. Introduction
2. State of the art in the selected area
3. If available: summary of the applicants own work in the area
4. Research question to be answered by the project
5. Work and time schedule
6. References/Bibliography.

– two references by academics working in the area, providing information about the
applicant‘s qualification and research potential.
The references should be sent separately.
We ask you to not enclose your application in folders and to only send in (unauthenticated)
copies of certificates, as the application documents cannot be sent back and will be destroyed at
the end of the selection procedure.
Digital applications are possible. Please send all documents in a single pdf file.
Applications should be sent by September 15th, 2013, to the scientific head of the Center: Prof.
Dr. Claudine Moulin, Universität Trier, Fachbereich II/Germanistik, D-54286 Trier (
For further information please contact the Center‘s business managers Dr. Thomas Burch
( or Dr. Vera Hildenbrandt (

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