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Ergebnisanzeige "Poetry and the Philosophers in the Modern Era (GSA-Panel)"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelPoetry and the Philosophers in the Modern Era (GSA-Panel)
BeschreibungGerman Studies Association (GSA)

Panel Topic: Poetry and the Philosophers in the Modern Era
October 2-5, 2008
St. Paul, MN

Submission Deadline: February 11, 2008

The relationship between poetry and philosophy has traditionally been conceived as one of rivalry. However, in a response to Alain Badiou published in the recently translated book *Heidegger and the Politics of Poetry *(2007), the French Germanist and philosopher Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe challenged this view by claiming that poetry, far from obstructing the progress of philosophy, has in fact shown itself to be a precondition for philosophizing in the modern era. As the theme of Lacoue-Labarthe's work suggests, the German literary and philosophical traditions have played a crucial role in reversing, or at least challenging, the dominant conception of the relationship between *Dichten* and *Denken*.

This panel aims to consider how the works of certain writers (Hölderlin, the Early Romantics), philosophers (Nietzsche, Heidegger, Adorno), and critics (Benjamin, Szondi) have attempted to conceptualize anew the relationship between literature and philosophy. Possible themes include philosophies of literature and literary composition in the Romantic era; accounts of the relationship between literature and truth in modern German philosophy; the role of literature in modern hermeneutics and aesthetic theory; and the reception of German philosophy and literature in a comparative aspect.

Potential contributors are invited to submit proposals of up to 250 words to Joshua Robert Gold at
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VeranstaltungsortSt. Paul
PersonName: Gold, Joshua 
Funktion: Ansprechpartner 
LandVereinigte Staaten von Amerika
SchlüsselbegriffeHistorische Semantik (Wissensgeschichte, Mentalitätsgeschichte, Ideengeschichte); Komparatistik (Kulturvergleich, Interkulturelle Literaturwissenschaft)
Klassifikation04.00.00 Allgemeine Literaturgeschichte > 04.03.00 Vergleichende Literaturgeschichte
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