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Ergebnisanzeige "Contemporary Berlin Documentaries – Constructing the New Berlin (SCMS workshop)"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelContemporary Berlin Documentaries – Constructing the New Berlin (SCMS workshop)
BeschreibungSCMS Workshop “Contemporary Berlin Documentaries – Constructing the New Berlin”
Society for Cinema and Media Studies
Seattle, March 19-23, 2014

The SCMS workshop format includes max. 5 presenters, who give a brief presentation (max. 7min) in a less formal format than a panel paper. The purpose of a workshop is to "entail discussions of more practical aspects of the field: teaching, research methods, and professional development," and to integrate audience participation in the discussion. My idea for this workshop is to facilitate a discussion of contemporary Berlin documentaries to examine the visual and conceptual representations of the "New Berlin."
My questions to the participants would be:

1. What are the common themes and aesthetic practices in contemporary Berlin documentaries?
2. How is the city represented and how do these representations differ from previous ones?
3. In what ways do the Berlin documentaries challenge or push the documentary genre boundaries?
4. What do the contemporary documentaries tell us about Berlin's reconstructed identity?
5. How can documentary films be used more effectively for innovative teaching methods?
6. Is there an emerging Berlin documentary canon? And if so, what are the implications of that?

Please submit presentation proposals of 300 words, bibliography, and a short bio to Katrina Sark ( by August 10th 2013.
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